Perspective on the INT

UGH!  I started today thinking maybe I should avoid MHR, sportscenter, etc. as I feared everyone would be making a big deal out of Orton's INT.  And here we are.  Here's some perspective for everyoone about Orton's poor lefty throw and a few thoughts I had after watching the game.

  1. In a real game, we would never get to 4th down.
    1. We were at the 1.  What bone-head doesn't pound the ball there???  Is there anyone in their right mind that wouldn't put in Hillis and bowl some fool over with the power running game? 
    2. Even if we couldn't punch it in, you take the 3 points in the regular season.  The only reason we went for it was to evaluate and give some specific situational practice to our guys.
  2. Orton has to throw with his left...he had a guy grabbing his right.
    1. During the broadcast and after people keep making a big deal of him getting fancy with his left hand.  Well...he was trying to make a play and the only option left was for him to throw with his left.  Go watch the replay.
  3. Orton looked just fine all game.
    1. Look at the rest of the game.  Orton had a great handle on the offense and was doing a great job.  His decision making was well above-average all game...why would he all of a sudden make such a poor decision?  Maybe because it is the preseason and it doesn't matter.

Thoughts on the game:

  • Gaffney looks like he would be a very good possession receiver.  Hear that Marshall?  You ARE replaceable.  (Don't get me wrong, the Beast is a superb talent, but this sissy game he is playing isn't cool)
  • If you like watching line play, you have to have a man-crush on our offensive line (1st string only).  They dominate.
  • Lamont Jordan has some sparks, but as a fan of his, I'm definitely seeing what you guys have said about him being slow to the LOS and lack of power. 
  • This defense is going to be really dangerous once they get comfortable.  I saw some great flashes at every level this game.
  • Even though I can tell they aren't totally comfortable, at least they look like a decent defense instead of a push-over d like we had last year.
  • I hope Simms is okay cause it puts us in serious trouble if we have to find another back-up.

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