The Good, The Bad & The Worrisome

I kept to myself after the first game so I could see how this team progressed from then to now.  I must say that I am both pleased and dismayed, with a little bit of worry.  It is plain our team is headed in the right direction, but I doubt the turn around will occur in one offseason.  

Here is my rundown of the good, the bad and the worrisome:


  • Eddie Royal is going to the Pro Bowl this year.
  • Peyton Hillis is a third down converting machine.
  • I liked how McD ran the two minute offense.  I believe he threw the ball on every down at the goalline because we may be in a situation this season where we don't have any timeouts and no time to chance a running play. Sure it ended badly, but I am glad he had the wherewithall to run the play anyway.
  • Matt Prater is going to have a good year.
  • Our defense is much improved from last year, especially our front 7.  I like that we are getting the sacks and pressure.  It will take some heat off our questionable passing defense.
  • We will be a .500 or better team this year.  It's just how it feels to me.  This team is on its way up, not down.
  • The running game looks real good - if only McD will use it in the regular season!
  • The passing game is obviously going to live or die with Orton's consistency, but with so many threats there is no reason he should be able to find the open guy.
  • I obviously still love our offensive line, they are dominating again this year.  


  • Is it me, or is Champ Bailey getting beat regularly?
  • Our pass defense is struggling, even with a good pass rush. 
  • I predicted a 27-13 victory by the Broncos....opps!
  • Tony Sheffler needs to carry a football around wherever he goes until the Chicago game...and run 50 laps.
  • McD's playcalling was a bit befuddling to me, but I am chalking it up as him evaluating certain situations when its not actually that situation.  At least, I certainly hope so!
  • We lost to the Seachickens......even in preseason that hurts.  We had better play to WIN against the Bears!


  • Even though our defense is much improved, it's still below average.  I'll be happy if we crack the Top 16, but I do think we are headed in the right direction
  • Kyle Orton's play will decide much of our games this year and from what I have seen so far - I am worried.
  • We still have no turnovers, in fact, we were -3 again in this game.  I hope Josh McDaniels works on that big time this week as we are going to face our first "elite" defense against Chicago...
  • Our offense is still great between the 20's.  Where are the touchdowns?
  • My biggest worry is that I am hyped up on the kool aid and this is really a 4-12 team.  However, I am trying so hard to be objective that maybe I succeeded in sobering up enough to actually evaluate this team.  I hope...


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