Broncos camp report: Mile High City should prepare for a new low


Or so National Columnist Mike Freeman says.

Camp Tour: Broncos

Mike Freeman also has a video up next to the article where he discusses the upcoming Broncos' season with Aaron Lopez (aka:'s correspondent to the Broncos). Of course, like most in the media at this time, they paint a very bleak future for the Broncos. More links and some thoughts after the jump.

It's crazy that the media covering the Broncos are almost gleeful while talking how bad they think the Broncos' season is going to be. It always hurts a bit when a team has drama and a player with a load of talent leaves town. To then have the media rub salt in the wound is never fun. However, it comes with the territory. McDaniels is going to face these media guys and gals all season long. If Orton struggles even the slightest bit you can bet it is going to be picked apart over, and over, again. I guess the preseason is a good time to get used to what you'll be seeing all season long, and those questions will be heard all season long. A thicker skin is certainly in store for Broncos fan, no matter the outcome of the season.

Now, on the the links/articles they provide: Broncos: Five Things To Know and Simms Grateful For Healthy Shot at Denver QB Job.

If you're tired of the negativity, both of those links actually provide good, positive talking points for the most part.

And finally, the thing I haven't heard many talking about when the Denver Broncos are brought up:

5. Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan continues to do something I witnessed him do when he was defensive coordinator of the Giants more than a decade ago: run sprints with the players. When Nolan isn't running he's an excellent coordinator and might be the best offseason pickup for the Broncos.


The quickest way to change one's defense is to hire a new coach, and with Mike Nolan Denver should be progressively getting better, and not just because they have no place to go but up as many here have mentioned.

I would like to know, what are the fans' 5 keys to this season? Also, what are your realistic expectations for the 2009 Denver Broncos. While admittedly I'm more of an outsider looking in, here would be the 5 things I look at this Broncos' season:

1. Quarterback play. McDaniels is touted as being an amazing QB coach and having a great system for the right QB to operate under. It remains to be seen if the Belichick branch of coaching can be successful outside of Foxborough and also if McDaniels' has the right QB for his system.

2. Health. Plain and simple. Denver needs to stay healthy. That may seem obvious, but it could be the true difference between a winning and a losing season.

3 and 4. Defense. I would dedicate two spots to the defense; one spot to the defensive scheme and one spot to the players' execution of the scheme and their talent level. Not much more needs to be said about it. An obvious work in progress. New coach; new personnel; new scheme.

5. Leader/Star Player. They aren't always the same. Nevertheless, someone will have to step up and take charge of that team if they are going to succeed. It cannot be the coach. The coach saying something only goes so far. It will be up to the players' play on the field and leadership skills in the locker room that will determine how far they will go, as a unit, both offensively and defensively. I say star player because it takes someone who can go out and lead by example. If they lack the talent or simply make mistakes on the field, that will greatly diminish any player's message or words to his teammates.

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