Watching the game without MSM colored glasses...

Watched the game this morning with my tivo recording.  I feel sorry for those of you who watched it live because even as I skipped ahead from play to play to avoid hearing Collinsworth all I could hear was Collinsworth.

So before talking about the game a note for those who had to listen to the announcers.  Pat Bowlen prides himself on having a player friendly organization.  When Cutler became fully insubordinate even with Mr Bowlen...which by the way Brandon has not done.  It was Mr Bowlen that decided enough was enough.  Not McDaniels.

In case you think this isn't true, recall that when Brandon asked to be trade, I believe Brandon when he said Pat promised he'd try.  So as badly as the MSM wants to make McDaniels into a prideful and arrogant coach.  People if a mistake was made it was Pat's mistake.  He's a great owner but when he promised Brandon he'd pursue a trade I think that was a mistake too.  But driven by the motivation that this is a player friendly team.  Mr. Bowlen has no desire to force players to stay here.

I also heard a brief comment where Rodney Harrison said McDaniels is an easy going guy to play for.  I believe that given the way he's handled Brandon.  Patiently, and with professionalism, but when the suspension was required it just had to be done.

So on to the game and the matchup with Cutler and Orton.  I actually read a press report before the game and thought Orton must have played miserably and Cutler was completely dominant.  So I was very surprised that when they were both in the game they had an almost identical game.  An almost identical game.  They both had to deal with trying to get out of the endzone.  They both had a heavy enough rush that they had to get it off fast.  Orton was dealing with more penalties and injuries on his side of the ball.  And Cutler was dealing with the noise.  

I am more impressed weekly with the coaching and personnal, and with the personnal assesments.  Who would of thunk our Tommy B. would look this good after last weeks outing.   Dawkin's really is a monster.  I had doubts about our new defensive backfield but I'm very impressed.  

Chris Baker.  Great pickup.  Doomer, this is a perfect defense for him.  I confess, I didn't really mind his late hit ;-)  Even though it was expensive and I would not want it in the regular season.  OLB in a 3-4 is what he was made to do in the NFL.  

Overall this is obviously a well coached team.  Very exciting to see how much progress they make from week to week.

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