Keeping the Faith (I'm Shocked)

After reading some of the responses about the Practice at the Stadium yesterday, I cannot believe that some people are already throwing in the Towel on the 2009 season for the Broncos. I had to quit reading the responses because it was making me cringe.

After all, it's been what, going on 7 days of Training Camp, and our team has had 10-15 practices, they should be set to play the Super Bowl right? These guys are veteran football players, they should be good to go for each season following the 6 months of off season merely by Osmosis, shouldn't they?  It doesn't matter that there is a new Head Coach(not to mention new coaching staff),a new GM, a new QB, and a 45% personnel turnover from last season.

To expect perfection this early in the PRESEASON FOLKS, is rather absurd. Let us not throw in the towel at the first Interception we see. I thought we were going to give the team a chance to at least play ONE game, if not a whole season, before breaking out the Tar and Feathers.

I did not attend the practice at the Stadium, but I followed the coverage from here and on the local news last night. I came away with a different take than some of you apparently. According to Coach McDaniels the team got a lot of good work done yesterday. They practiced in live situations, under the lights, in their home field, with officials, using live game communications, with a larger crowd than usual(for practices), and ran sustained scrimmaging.

All these things and more, must be addressed before the actual season starts, so the coaches can evaluate what they have to work with. They need to know what's wrong before they can fix it. Not only that, but the entire Offense and Defense hasn't even been installed yet. There WILL be growing pains. It is my belief that growing pains should be done in Training Camp. Only then will our team grow into the Lean, Mean Warriors of the Gridiron that we cheer for every Sunday.

I for one, have not lost one iota of faith in our beloved team. The preseason is for mistakes people. That's what practicing is for. Keep the Faith everyone. 13-3 Baby!
Kirk Out.

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