Open Letter to BM's Representation


Dear Mr. McGuire,


I’m sure you’re very concerned about your client, Brandon Marshall. As a Bronco fan, I am equally concerned, albeit from a slightly different perspective. The most important thing to me about my favorite team is the team. Yes, I enjoy having favorite and/or star players on my favorite team. But at the end of the season, the most important thing is the team, not the individual stats (see Cutler’s last season record-breaking numbers vs. the SuperBowl Championships of ’98 & ’99 for reference).


In a conflict/negotiation situation with management, the client relies upon his representation for guidance. As an artist, I rely on my representation to know numbers and offer appropriate counsel. This is where I have a serious bone of contention with you. I cannot believe you encouraged and represented Brandon, coming off his latest court case just before preseason, to re-engage contract negotiations. He had/has no reasonable leg to stand on in this position!


*He’s coming off an injury

*He’s an off-field incident away from a major suspension from the league

*He’s lost the respect of his teammates


There is only one course of reasonable action for an adult professional in this position: shut your mouth, prove you’re healthy and worthy of a big contract from another team. Clearly Brandon wants to move on. I believe the Broncos would be happy to accommodate this trade as Coach McDaniels appears adamant about the team first attitude. At the same time, wisely, the Broncos aren’t going to simply give Brandon away. Seen simply as a trading chip, he is (potentially) a (very) valuable commodity. Surely you know the old market saying, “Buy low, sell high”. To trade Brandon now would be selling extremely low and extremely stupid.


Therefore we are in this position we are right now. Brandon has lost the locker room, the front office and the fans. He is the poster child for selfishness. He can turn this around, however. If he is healthy as he says he is, there is no reason he can’t have the playbook wired by the time the Cincinatti game comes around. He should reclaim his #1 receiver slot. He should go out and dominate. He will, via his play and his shut mouth, make people forget about everything else. And he will get paid because of it. Oh, and that means you’ll get paid to.


Just a little advice to the advisor.





Robert Cochrane



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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