Brandon Marshall...sigh...will the saga end on a positive note?

What should Josh McDaniels and the Broncos do with Brandon Marshall now?

Suspended? Done.

Fined? Done.

Possibly on the trade block? I'm not sure he'll do that this late in the preseason...any team could use him but that wouldn't teach this young ‘prima donna' wide receiver anything will it? Besides, it's really too late for Denver to really get anything decent in return at this point in the season.

Josh McDaniels has shown toughness, sticktoitiveness, and no-nonsense attitude since he arrived in Denver back in early January. The ‘easy going' days that was evident in the late Shanahan era are over and a new sheriff seems to be in town. I'm still not sure everyone is on board with the change.

Change? A whole lot has been changed in Denver...people are typically resistant to change and there usually is a lot of rumbling and grumbling going on throughout the process. Something needed to be done and done fast because the Broncos' fans are deserving of a winning franchise. After all, they're arguably the most devoted and critical ones in the NFL. (My opinion of course) Whether they're winning or losing, you can count on the fans to pack Invesco field like sardines in a can. I can count maybe three other teams in the NFL with fans that express a similar type of devotion. (Green Bay, Kansas City, and Pittsburgh fans are fair equivalents)

Back to my main point...Shouldn't Brandon Marshall feel privileged to play for such a great organization? He has been a thorn in the Broncos side for the past few years with his off the field distractions. The Broncos have tolerated his behavior as much as they could. Why he would think the organization turned their back on him is beyond me. I personally think they have given him too many chances and was way too forgiving of his behavior. He's a great player and his abilities definitely give him the least he is achieves more visibility than his teammates.

This is the reason why he should be held to a higher standard...simply because he would represent an image for the team whether he wanted to or not.

Now, the problem is that he's brought the issues to the field. I'm sure you've seen the video of Marshall acting like a 10 year-old during practice...batting down a ball thrown to him, punting the ball away during drills...just acting like a complete jack-ass. If you're at practice, then practice. If not, get out.

If you are having problems in your personal life, leave it off the field. If you have contractual issues, deal with it off the field. If you have a problem with the coach, discuss it with him or stay off the field.

Once Marshall brought this attitude or form of insubordination onto the field, it's caused a disruption to the team and has affected the team's progression without a doubt. This is completely selfish and shouldn't be tolerated...I think he should have been kicked out of practice immediately and fined.

I've heard some NFL veterans like Mike Golic and Chris Spielman on ESPN's Mike and Mike radio show express their disgust at Marshall's behavior and even went to lengths to say Marshall would have been gotten the royal ass beating by the leaders in the locker room. You see that's the old school mentality that is lacking in the NFL. Does Coach McDaniels have that ‘inner old school' inside of him? Does he have that fire of a Bill Parcells or even a Mike Singletary in him?

McDaniels is taking steps in the right direction, but I got a feeling his battles with Marshall are far from over.

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