My Musings from Week 1

1. Favorite observation - If Week 1 is any indication, Alphonso Smith has made me very happy we traded next year's draft pick to get him.  I was skeptical of the trade but we get what looks like a high first round talent for 2nd round money and 1 more year of pro ball under his belt then if we kept next year's first round pick...not that I would make this some kind of trend.

2. Orton looked awful in the first half.  The first sack should have been easily avoidable and his pocket presence looked horrid.  However, the second half he moved around well and threw much better.  He made that terrible mistake at the end taking the sack (Cutler makes those mistakes too), but remove the bandage and have his catchers make some catches and it wasn't too bad.  I'm still not sold on him, but I don't think he had the awful game that many think he had.

3.  Defense was vastly improved.  Hated the zone on the last drive.....but night and day different than last year. 

4.  I didn't think Dawkins played particularly well.  He missed some tackles and was late on a few more (in my opinion).  But hopefully this will improve  with time...he missed some time in preseason.

5.  Disappointed in the O-line.  I thought this was our greatest strength coming in, but they did not pass protect particularly well when Cinncy blitzed and the run blocking was particularly inept.  I don't  have the eagle eye that many on this board have, but it just didn't look good.  But they are way too talented for this not to improve.

6 Running backs - Very mediocre preformance.  I'm not sure if it was the O-line or the backs fault (or both), but much work to do here.   I would have liked to have seen Hillis with more chances.

7  Play calling - McD opened it up more than the perpetual bubble screens of pre-season, that is a good sign.

8.  Cutler just threw an interception as I am typing this.........awesome!!!

9.  Prater was great on FGs and kick offs.

10.  McD - I have been skeptical of him this off season, but he certainly was not out coached.  I think he called a good game.  But penalties are on the coach to me.....and he needs to get his guys to clean that up.  But if I score McD on a week-by-week basis (because I'm that pathetic and anal), I give him a plus for this week.

11.  I wonder if I would have been much more critical and cynical if we had lost?

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