10 Quick Post-Game Notes

A few quick notes after the win over Cleveland...

1)  There was a lot of talk about the Cleveland OL shutting down Elvis Dumervil.  Doom managed 4 sacks, and had a great day.

2)  I'm not upset about the 2 missed FGs.  Had the winds been gusting at 13 MPH when Sharpe was ready to parachute in, the jump would have been scrubbed.

3)  I'm a little concerned with Denver's pass protection.  Orton was pressured a lot.

4)  I liked that Orton was willing to take hits to make his passes.  He showed some good mobility in the pocket, threw good on the run, and made some good passes down the field.  He also threw away passes at the right times.  He didn't force anything.  Overall, he didn't look too good, but with that annoying glove on he still had no INTs and did some good.

5)  Marshall did everything from trip, to dropping, to costing the team over 40 yards on a pass for a holding penalty.  Is it attitude, or is he just this darned rusty?

6)  Once Moreno stopped juking around and started playing one cut, he started to get yards.  I liked the talent I saw, and think he'll certainly get better.

7)  How about Stokley!  He dropped a pass that Orton put right on the numbers, but other than that he looked 8 years younger.  Good speed, good moves.

8)  Most of the time the OLBs (DEs in my book) pass rushed.  They'll continue to be called OLBs, but they are not only DEs because that's their background, and they're not only DEs because they line up at scrimmage - They're DEs because they are playing as DEs and rushing the passer or stopping runs at scrimmage.  I can't see how anyone would call this a 3-4 at this point, but old habits are hard to break.  (I don't think anyone in the media is brave enough to be the first one to take a chance and come out and call it what it is).

9)  OLs run blocking was good against a solid front seven of Cleveland.  Rogers is a beast, and gave Wiegmann a real rough time.  All in all it was good work.

10)   I thought the game was called well by the Denver coaches.

Last, Oakland won a close game over KC.  They looked better in week one, but they look much better than they did last year.  They are an improved team (as I think we are).  I still pick Denver to win next week, but it won't be as easy as I would have thought a couple of weeks ago.

What did you guys get out of the game?

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