I'm Getting Tired... Again!

This post is again, written with tongue ever so slightly placed in cheek!


Alright, we are two weeks into the season and I am already getting tired of a few things.  Time for another Rant about what I am getting tired of.


1.     I am tired of listening to "Haters" dog the broncos 2-0 start because our first two games were against Cincy and Cleavland.  Are you kidding me?  I bet you didn't say that the Vikings sucked because they started 2-0 against the Browns and the Lions?  The Bronco's are 2-0... and your team probably isn't, so SHUT UP!

2.     I am tired of reading about Jay Cutler as if he is the only player in the NFL.  Headline today... "Cutler defeats Super Bowl Champs".  (I just threw up)  Did you guys watch that game?  Maybe they should rename the team, the Chicago Jays?  Did the Bears go Jay against Pitt all game long?  Did Jay suddenly start playing Defense, as well as handling all the kicking duties?  Funny... when the Bears would win a game when Kyle Orton was QB, it was because of the Defense.  The truth no-one will tell you is that the only reason the Bears won was because Reed missed two fourth quarter field goals and that Jay Cutler started playing more like Kyle Orton.

3.     I am tired of Denver Fan's Booing.  Has the IQ of  Denver fans really dropped that much over the past 2 seasons?  Maybe the fans need to go to rehab for an addiction to stupid QB play and Redzone INT's.  I don't know, but when your QB makes a smart play and then gets boo'd... I thought I was in Oakland for a moment.  Hey Denver fans, save your Boo's for Halloween.

4.     I am tired of people wanting to dump Prater after two missed kicks.  Grow up.  Why didn't you call for him to be replaced last week?  oh... that's right... because he was 2 for 2... from 48 and 50+.   OK, He missed two FG's that he should have made... but given 40 MPH gusts... there is at least some justifiable reason he missed them.  If a player makes one mistake, should he then be replaced?  Maybe we should dump Hillis for fumbling the kickoff.  Better yet, let's replace Champ because Edwards caught that one pass.  You simply make no sense.

5.     I am tired of people saying that Brandon Marshall is dogging it.  I know that BMarsh lost everyone's trust with the practice fiasco, but watch the film.  BMarsh is doing some good things out there.  Is he being targeted on every single play, like last year?  No.  But does that mean that he is dogging it?  Please.  I even read someone claim that he faked tripped on the deep pass from Orton.  You need to sign up for NFL game rewind bro and watch that play.  Marshall is under a microscope right now, and it's time we just start letting him play football, rather than question his effort on every single play. It's a waste of time. 

6.     I am tired of the MSM's inability to be wrong.  We should be hearing and reading some analysts right now who are apologizing for their complete ignorance regarding Denver's Defense... especially the front 7.  But, instead of saying, "Gee, I think I was wrong about the Bronco's this year!"  here is what we get... "Man, the Bengals and the Browns are worse than we thought this year!"  SICK OF IT!!!

7.     I am tired of people thinking that because you think that the Broncos have a good team this year, that your a kool-aid drinker.  Personally, I think it means that you are an informed and knowledgeable fan.  If you think the Bronco's will go and 3-13 this year, then you and John Clayton have about the same IQ, as well as the good looks to match.

8.     I am tired of the SD Chargers being anointed as the AFC West Champs... especially when they should be 0-2.  I think those guys are having bad dreams about the Broncos this year... and from the looks of it, they might be looking at 8-8 again this year.  See ya, Norv.

9.     I am tired of hearing about Mark Sanchez and the Jets.  woo hoo.  It's really their Defense that is winning for them.  But, the kid is looking pretty good and is not making many mistakes.  But the endless media swooning is wearing me out.

10.  I am tired of the Raiders... but am lovin me some JaMarcus Russel.  Can't wait for his play this week.  I am predicting 4 for 25 for 50 yds.with 3 INT's.  I would get concerned though if he replaced Gallery on the O line.  :)

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