Untapped potential

Love that Game Rewind!  It gives one a chance to iso virtually every play.

Wow!  It might have looked like a boring game on the surface but the latent potential on both sides of the line leaves one salivating about improvement as the season progresses.  Here's my observations for the game:

1.  Doom may not get a sack against the Raiders but I see the fact they will start double teaming him as the first sign it will release other linemen to make plays.  The sacks will start coming from all over the defense as the season progresses me thinks.

2.  I suspect offensive coordinators will start figuring out the 5-2 alignment pretty soon and start taking advantage of mismatches involving quicker players against our oversized linebackers.  However, with increasing experience of people like Doom, Ayers, et al I also suspect our mismatches will increase.

3.  Did I completely miss Baker playing in the game.  I strained to see # 75 out there but....  It does look like we have excellent depth on the D-line though.  Isn't it amazing how the MSM trashed our front 7 yet we have 2-3 quality players deep?

4.  Dawkins was OUTSTANDING the entire game!  What an acquisition!  With him leading the charge the secondary may be THE strength of the team this year.

5.  The offensive line run blocking is picking up.  If we can get our receivers used to how the new point guard (Orton) is distributing the ball the offensive balance will be impressive.  Moreno reminds me, hugely, of T.D. in terms of tough inside running BUT, man, he appears twice as explosive!  I am, however, still concerned about Orton's ability to stretch the field.

6.  Personally, I feel we left at least another 10 points on the field with some penalties killing some key plays and adjusting for the wind on field goals.  Thirty plus points from an offense the MSM trashed because we sent Cutler packing is pretty dad gum good for a "mediocre" offense don't you think?  Our offense looked even better when you throw in the fact Cleveland did an excellent job of keeping us in the hole with their special teams kicking game.

Wouldn't it be a major kick in the ass to see Dukes and the rest of the slacker MSM reporters have to eat their own crap by mid-season? 

Now, to cap it all off with totally destroying Jabba the Hut and his molting crew next week!

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