MSM for what it's worth

Mike Shanahan fired.  Jay Cutler traded.  Brandon Marshall requests trade.  Knownshon Moreno still holding out. These were just the many story lines coming out of Denver.  What did it mean?  Well the truth is, nothing.  These are events that happened but by no means did it effect the current regime's staff in their operations.  What does concern me however is the amount of coverage Denver received during compared to what national coverage was before those Super Bowl wins, 4th quarter comebacks and the pursuit for 2000 yds.


For the record, I reside in the NFC East's backyard of New Jersey (the metropolitan tri-state that includes NY and Conn.).  Denver is by no means the NYG or NYJ.  The Rockies are nothing like the Yankees or, thankfully, the Mets.  What makes this corner of this country interesting is the amount of media required anything from professional sports to a group that enjoys bird watching.  

What has disappointed me over the years, especially the new generation of journalism, is the sudden shift in paradigm.  Before my time, the news was factual w/o bias or political sway.  We all know that slogan, "knowledge is power" and the NFL has mastered "misinformation" better than the Cold War Operatives (especially during the draft).  Now w/the internet and everyone misunderstanding the responsibilities of free speech, anyone can discuss anything.  Whether its biased research to support or destroy credibility, establish facts for the common good, or good old fashioned gossip.  My friends, I present to you the age of gossip.

Whether its Twitter, blogs, or just drunken spewing of opinion no one pays attention anymore.  We only care about what interests us (sorta like that film "The Thawed").  You see, no one loves our Broncos like us Bronco fans.  We have grown attached to mini celebrities and lost our way.  You see Denver has gone through a tremendous transformation and though we're currently 2-0, MSM only sees us for what they do know.  We know the stats regarding this team after John Elway had retired.  That is the standard.  At least until Bowlen did the unthinkable.

Please understand that two weeks into the season is nothing in comparison to what lays ahead but I agree, where are the pats on our backs?  Where is that "wow, they did turn it around"?  MSM doesn't owe the city of Denver or its fan anything because the media has always taken ordinary athletes and made them into something bigger.  In a matter of media nanoseconds (much faster than anything the science community can calculate), they also tear down the very ordinary athletes into something far less ordinary.  Almost shameful to consider our equal as human beings.

Maybe that last paragraph is a bit extreme and dramatic but that is my point.  Whether its FOX Sports, ESPN, SI.COM, or any other channel responsible for our news, there main concern is to report the news that provides the most shock.  We all know how boring reporting the news are if there is no controversy and w/that I accept all that is right and wrong w/MSM and the relationship w/the Broncos.

So this week we'll see our first divisional matchup against our hated Raiders.  We've been following our team and the crew on this website have given me insight 250 yrs worth of Guinness would never enlighten me.  The Claytons (who I do respect) and Dukes of the world are a necessary evil because everyone needs to be motivated.  Whether its by the coaches, fan base or the media.  It just so happens Denver has the trifecta and it won't end this year.  That bar is awfully high people, don't forget it that w/greatness comes great responsibility and patience.

For the record, 24-10 Denver!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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