Raider Week


     Raider week has been special for many years, a phenom that is only enhanced with the internet and the inevitable interaction with Raider fans. As I plan to post this at both the Broncos' and Raiders' SB sites I would like to ask one favor:

Be kind with your remarks....

     I know MHR members will be kind, they're on my side, I hope you at Silver and Black Pride will do the same. Don't hold anything back you 'faider fans'--but keep it clean--and by the way, you surely, as faider fans, could come up with something more creative than "Donkeys"....that is so uncreative.

Anyway--on with my why the Broncos will win.

    One of the best moves this off season was  McDaniels bringing Mike Nolan in to be the Broncos' defensive coordinator. I didn't follow what happened to Mike in San Fransico--but he is a great DC.

     Last year a few of us noticed a trend in the first four games. Game one Oakland is held scoreless for three quarters, game two San Diego for almost two quarters, game three New Orleans for one quarter, and game four KC is handed a long TD run as soon as they get the ball. This trend leads to one conclusion: we had one defensive scheme last year that we threw at every team. I felt last year that our defensive woes had less to do with lack of talent than with an obvious scheme that our 'then' coaches were unable to adapt or change--especially during games.
     I know its only been two games, but this years defense, and Nolan's scheme, is so unobvious that I'm not really sure what they're doing. I know they are advertising a 3-4 defense, but what I'm seeing is more of a 5-2 front seven like we used to see when Karl Mecklenburg was called a linebacker but you never knew where he was going to be. We now have a player that is a lot like Mecklenberg, his name is Elvis. The faider nation, not to mention their front line, is going to have a hard time containing 'Dooms Rush'. Russell is going down at least twice by Elvis....and maybe a couple more. You Raiders have a great secondary, and I've read many articles of how ours is either nearing 30 years old or over (may be losing a step) but I could put BDawk and Bailey on any defense in the NFL and make it a better defense.  Russell seems, at best, to only mildly understand a short pass with touch. I will not contened the fact that he has the strongest arm, maybe ever, (and that is what Al loves) but expect at least two picks from our 'aging' secondary. What's going to hurt all Raiders most this game is the different looks they will get from this strange 'aged' defense. What will hurt the Raiders again is when a very young Alphonso takes a pick to the bank. The Broncos' defense will be a big part in our victory--but our offense will score some points.

Why our offense will score;

     Denvers' first and second quarter production has really frustrated me. In fact, it had me calling for Orton's head and bringing on Brandstater. But there is something quite positive to what happened against Cleveland in the second half, it shows that not only our defense is showing the ability to adapt--but maybe even our offense will also.  The funny thing is, none of our 'known' weapons have yet to be unleashed. We have seen little  from Royal, Marshall, or Scheffler--but we know they're there--and so does McDaniels. Last year we had Cutler, Marshall, Royal and occasionally Scheff and Stoke. We also had a bunch of RB's that tried...but didn't...or got hurt. This year The Broncos have a very weird thing....a bunch of guys that seem to be part of this 'one desire' ... "Win."

     Unlike last year, when our defense did great for three quarters, then two quarters, then one quarter, then none. Expect The Broncos offense to do the opposite, better with each week that passes--better than they were the last week--and even better the next week.


What I want to see:

A hard fought game where our defense continues to meld into something special. I would like to see a better start for Orton--it seems he has to watch half-time films before he knows what to do.

I'd like Russell to have a good game--I hate to see any team's woes blamed on one player. Not only that, we were a better team when Oak and KC were better teams. I liked it when the entire NFL feared the AFC west. I'd like Denver, Oakland, and KC  to be feared again.

What I expect:                                 Broncos 24 Raiders 6

I don't think 'faiders' have a chance this week.


But that's just me...


Keep comments clean.....

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