Week 3 Predictions

Who is going to win in week 3?  There are a lot of interesting match-ups to watch and I can't wait to see who wins the Broncos-raiders game.  This week, I see four close games that could go either way, or end up in upsets.  Now, onto the predictions...

Close Games (IMHO):

1.) Tennessee @ New York Jets: The Titans have had troubles so far.  They played well last week against the Texans, but their defense let them down.  The Jets defense has been stellar thus far and should play well against the Titans offense.  The Jets continue to play well winning 28-24.

2.) Chicago @ Seattle: Chicago is coming off a big win last week against the Steelers.  Their defense dominated a mediocre offense and their offense did okay against the Pittsburgh pass rush.  Seattle lost last week and is looking to rebound.  I don't think they will.  Chicago, 24-17.

3.) Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati: Cincy is coming off a big win last week against the Packers which brings loads of confidence to their team.  Pittsburgh on the other hand lost to Chicago on the road last week in a heart-breaker.  The Bengals are definitely better than last year, but the Steelers defense is just too good.  Pittsburgh 20-14.

4.) Denver @ Oakland: Denver comes into this match-up after winning last week 27-6 against the lowly Browns.  Their defense has been great and the offense is still trying to put together all the pieces.  Oakland is definitely much improved from last year.  However, their offense is horrendous; Denver 27-17.


Other Games:

5.) Washington @ Detroit: Last week, the Redskins barely pulled out the win against the Rams.  Washington's offense has really struggled but their defense is much improved.  Detroit has now lost 18 straight games from last year's performance mixed in with this year's.  They kept the game close with Minnesota for a while then things just blew apart.  Things won't get better this week for the Lions; Washington 23-17.

6.) Green Bay @ St. Louis: After losing to the Bengals last week, the Packers look to rebound on the road against a bad St. Louis team.  The Rams defense has been atrocious so far and their offense hasn't been any better.  Green Bay wins this one, 31-17.

7.) San Francisco @ Minnesota: So far, the 49ers' defense has played great.  They held Arizona to 16 points in week 1 and Seattle to 10 points in week 2.  Minnesota has been running through teams thus far.  Seriously, they have been "running through teams".  Adrian Peterson is just that good; Vikings 27-20.

8.) Atlanta @ New England: Last week, Atlanta beat an underrated Carolina team.  Their offense has been great especially with Tony Gonzalez.  New England has had a tough time, almost losing to a mediocre Bills team in week 1 and losing to the Jets in week 2.  I say that the Patriots' defense won't be able to stop the Matt Ryan attack; 34-24 Falcons.

9.) Kansas City @ Philadelphia: The Chiefs come into this game 0-2 with a close loss to the Raiders last week.  Philadelphia gets this guy called Michael Vick to play for them this week.  Well whoever this Vick character is, he helps the Eagles win, 31-14.

10.) Jacksonville @ Houston: Houston's high-powered offense is too much for the Jaguars to handle.  Jacksonville is going to have a tough time stopping Andre Johnson and Steve SlatonHouston 37-27.

11.) Cleveland @ Baltimore: Cleveland is coming off a blow-out loss to the Broncos in week 2.  They won't rebound here because they won't be able to score against the tough Baltimore defense.  Baltimore 31-13.

12.) New York Giants @ Tampa Bay: The Buccaneers have been playing terrible so far and things aren't going to get better against the ferocious defense of the Giants.  I've got the Giants, 23-10.

13.) New Orleans @ Buffalo: New Orleans is going to have a field day against a porous Bills' secondary.  The Saints go on to start the season 3-0 with a 38-24 victory.

14.) Miami @ San Diego: Miami is going to have a tough time stopping the San Diego offense.  But, the San Diego defense is going to have a harder time stopping the Miami offense.  Miami stuns the Chargers 34-31.

Sunday Night Football

15.) Indianapolis @ Arizona: The Colts are 2-0 so far, but their record surprises me.  They barely pulled out the win in week 1.  In week 2 they just beat the Dolphins despite their T.O.P. just being over 15 minutes!  Arizona's offense is just too good for the Colts' defense; Arizona 31-27.

Monday Night Football

16.) Carolina @ Dallas: Despite the MSM saying that Carolina is in trouble, which they are, they still have a pretty decent offense.  Dallas will have trouble stopping them, but Carolina won't be able to stop the Dallas rushing attack.  This is going to be a high score affair with Dallas winning, 31-27.


Last week: 8-8          Overall: 21-11.

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