Thoughts on Broncos vs Cowboys

I have to be honest, this game worries me quite a bit.  We have yet to play a team as talented as the Cowboys.  If they click on all cylinders then I'm worried.  However they have not displayed an ability to put it all together thus far.  I understand people saying they are overrated but I am of the opinion that talent wise they are amongst the leagues best and their coaching is what is holding them back.  

Their running attack is formidable.  They routinely open gaping holes in the defensive fronts of opponents and the combination of Barber and Jones is among the best in the league (if healthy).  Fortunately for the Broncos, the playcalling for Dallas has been suspect and it usually is.  If I were Dallas I would be running the ball down peoples throats all game and using timely play action to achieve huge gains.  However they tend to drift from the running game and continue to air the ball out. 

Our coaching advantage has to be on display this week.  That is where we will win this game.  We must play mistake free again, no turnovers, few penalties, no special teams mistakes.  The odds of us not turning the ball over are diminishing.  One thing I do fear is that it's only a matter of time before we have "one of those games".  Everybody has one and hopefully ours isn't this week.

One point to consider is that as the weeks go on, we lose our surprise element.  By that I mean teams will have much more game tape to study to break down our scheme and tendencies.  That could be worrying but and something worth looking out for.  That being said I have this sneaking suspicion that McD hasn't shown us anything yet.  I think he's withheld a lot of what he wants to do so far.  I don't believe he's shown his full hand yet, and as the weeks progress we'll see more and more.

We must avoid the shootout.  Our D has yet to play an offense like this.  Cincy is a good team and their offense is dangerous and our D shut them down. But I'm unsure of how well the Cincy O was executing being the first game of the season.  If our D is unable to stop Dallas consistently and we are forced into a shootout, the chances of us winning is unlikely. 

On offense we must exploit the seams.  I've noticed thus far that you can pass the ball on Dallas between the safeties.  We have too many weapons on offense for them to cover at the same time.  Clady will nullify Ware.  Their pass rush leaves them exploitable on the edges.  McD will gameplan to exploit these weaknesses.

My confidence in this game stems from our coaching.  McD and Nolan have displayed an ability to exploit weakness and play to our strengths.  I have no doubt we will be prepared with a gameplan that will allow us to win if executed.   But the players are the ones on the field and this game more than any other we've played to date will rely heavily on that execution.  We have little room for error this week. 

I have no stats and nothing to back up this article other than what I've watched thus far in the season and my gut feelings and they remain my opinion.  Can we win this game?  Heck yeah we can! But so can Dallas, and that's more than I could have said about Cleveland and Oakland.  I had no questions about winning those games. 

I don't care about what people say about who we've played.  We're 3-0 and we've looked pretty darn good in those games.  We've done what we've needed to do thus far and there should be no apologizing for that.  What are your thoughts?  What do the Broncos need to do to win this game?  Predictions anyone?

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