Hey Broncos...Seize the Moment

Ok, so I know I just recently freaked out on a few ignorant a**hats (I cannot locate my PC Dictionary at this time, so sorry) yesterday for believing the Denver Broncos are the worst 3-0 football team in the history of mankind, but I have to look at things with as little orange & blue goggled blurry vision as possible.

The 2009 Denver Broncos have been impressive and I am confident they are at least a .500 team even with the tough schedule. That said, Oakland and Cleveland are absolutely garbage and I am not all that sold on Cincinnati either.

The point is, we have not played a playoff caliber team yet. The Dallas Cowboys are about the weakest playoff caliber team we could have hoped for, so this week will be a good measuring stick for the Broncos.  The Broncos must sieze this opportunity.

If the Broncos win this weekend then they will make the playoffs barring any major injuries or other setbacks. That is a bold prediction, but a win over Dallas will finally prove to me that this 2009 Denver Broncos team wins the games they are supposed to win and competes in the games with other playoff contenders. 

In years past, we had no consistency whatsoever when it came to winning the games we should win and being competitive in the games with playoff contenders. We played up or down to the level of competition, meaning we would beat the Chargers, Saints, Steelers, ect and lose to the Chiefs, Raiders, Bills, ect.  A win over Dallas or even a hard fought close loss would prove to me this team has arrived.

Even if they finish 8-8 and lose close to every playoff team they face while beating everyone else will only prove that this team will be very dangerous in 2010. Of course I am hoping they are dangerous in 2009 and this weekend we will find out if they truly are dangerous. Dangerous to any team on the schedule. It will no longer look like the Broncos have a brutal schedule as it will be other teams looking at Denver with wariness. 

However, until the final gun goes off this Sunday afternoon, I cannot look beyond...other than dreaming about what I hope it will be. Right now the Broncos are 2-0 against two garbage teams and 1-0 against an unproven former garbage team.  The Broncos finally have an opportunity this weekend to seize the moment and change the perception of their own media-created identity. 

Rest assured, I am not giving credence to any writer in the mainstream who shares my view since theirs is shrouded in their unfailing devotion to their own egomaniacal self-image of being right 100% of the time. Anyone who knows me here, knows that I am not prone to proclaiming infinite knowledge and be serious about it.  Anyone who believed this team would fall apart and now says they have not played anyone of significance is banking on the Broncos to fail this weekend so they may vindicate their own ego.  **Not all writers, but we here at MHR know which MSM personalities I am referring too**

I predicted the Broncos would start out like 2-7 and finish 7-9, obviously I took the preseason way too seriously. Frankly, I'll be surprised if we finish 8-8 or worse. I'm expecting 10 wins and as astonished as I am to say that; it's likely going to happen. This team only has to finish the regular season 7-6 for that to happen!  Are you kidding me?! 


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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