Refute of Woody

This morning i read an article by Woody Paige... he was not very optimistic as usual. He never is. But then when the season goes well, he's always the first one back on the bandwagon and it just annoys me to no end (yet i still read his articles, ironic how that works out...). I just need to rant a little and MHR seems to receive these well :).


He mentioned the lack of turnovers in the article. This was an issue with me too, but after reading a couple of articles by hoosierteacher (whose opinion i respect a lot more than woody's) i feel like we shouldn't be too worried. We had virtually no turnover's last year because our pass rush sucked. period. That was the root of all of our evils on defense. So far from what i've seen in the preseason, we're shouldn't be too worried. We've been getting to the quarterback whether we rush 3, or 4, or 5. Turnovers are created by defensive players taking risks, which usually only happens when we're ahead. Tacklers will try harder to strip the ball, cornerbacks will jump routes, etc. Watching the preseason games, everyone seemed to be more concerned with making the sure tackle or preventing the deep ball rather than getting a turnover. I love our defense this year and until they have a couple of extremely bad games, i'm gonna maintain my faith in them.


The main point of his article, however, was that the broncos would only go 4-12. If you purely look at what happened last year and cut out any intangibles out of the equation then yeah 4-12 seems plausible. but COME ON woody, you live in denver, have a LITTLE faith. I offer my opinion team by team on how we'll do this year and please please refute me if you feel i'm wrong, i'm hardly the most knowledgeable football fan out there.

Cincy- Assuming orton or simms will be able to start, this should be a win for us. Even with them out, i think(hope) our running game will be good enough to beat them. They are a much improved team from last year but palmer is still worried about his knee. I just dont' feel like he's comfortable in the pocket yet and our pass rush won't help that out any.


Cleveland- enough said.


Oakland- Al davis - enough said.


Dallas- This will be a toughie. We've beaten them before and thats when they had a better defense and TO was playing well. their rushing attack will be difficult to stop with the 3-headed monster of choice, jones, and barber. Romo to roy williams will always be a problem and their backup receivers are unproven talents. This is a home game and despite our record, i think home games give our team the intangibles. We have a chance, however minuscule that chance may be.


New England - Brady's back... assist coaches never seem to do well when they face their former boss in belicheck. It's another home game, but this is a team that could make the superbowl again this year. Stuff happens.




San Diego-its an away game so hochuli won't be there for us. They didn't change much of their personnel so i feel like their defense is still weak. Hopefully with a pass rush we'll be able to disrupt rivers. I think LT has one last good year with him but sproles isn't much easier to stop.




Baltimore- Both teams are coming off a bye week. Yes flacco was good last year, yes now he has one more year under his belt, but who does he have ot throw it to? derrick mason and mark clayton? Todd heap will probably have a good game but i think we can pretty much crowd the box against this team and if we can stop the run, we'll be okay. Their defense is amazing but Ray Lewis is getting old and i feel like their corners are extremely weak (they have foxworth as their starting CB, i love the guy but he didn't play too well for us). I think we have a chance to pull off an upset here.


Pittsburgh- the defending super bowl champs who downgraded their WRs with the loss of nate washington, They also lost Bryant Mcfadden to free agency. This team is still amazing though (unless roethlisberger gets hurt again).



Washington-Don't really know how to gauge this team. They seem like they've improved with the addition of haynesworth and adding deangelo hall last year. But we all saw what eddie royal did to the poor guy and their offense still doesn't seem all that impressive (they've really wasted clinton protis' talent, really wish we kept him but we got champ for him so its ok). Haynesworth won't bother our QB cause our O-line is amazing and whoever plays across from hall will rip him up.




San Diego- see above. Home game this time though, hochuli might be reffing. theres a chance




NY Giants- no receiving corp, though hakeem nicks looks really good. Eli's nothing like his brother but they still have that really good defense. I honestly think its a toss-up because we seem to play very well against the NFC.




KC- we dont' paly well at their stadium in december... but its a new coach so you never know.




Indy- I hate peyton manning. But its a new coach. Transitions are always a little weird even if nothing else has changed aside from the head coach.




Oakland-again, al davis, enough said.




Philly- haha we get to take a look at VIck, which might be scary. Either that or he and mcnabb with bash egos while dawkins picks em off. Still, a really good team that will make the playoffs.




KC: nice, a home game, last hurrah for a 500 season





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