My final guesses - for the 53 man roster challenge.


This is my guess at the final 53. 

I'm sure that the coaches have much better information than I do as this is based only on what I have seen in the pre-season games.  And I wasn't able to see a lot of that based on camera angles and such, so even those observations are sketchy at best.



            Tom Brandstater

            Kyle Orton

            Chris Simms


            Jabar Gaffney

            Kenny McKinely  (may be cut for the PS)

            Brandon Stokely

            Brandon Marshall

            Eddie Royal

            Brandon Lloyd


            Richard Quinn

            Tony Sheffler

Daniel Graham


            Peyton Hillis

            Knowshon Moreno

            Corell Buckhalter

            Darius Walker

(Larson's availablility gives us 5 RBs  and I think Jordan is hurt and will be IRd or put on the PUP list)


            Ben Hamilton

            Casey Wiegman

            Seth Olson     

            Chris Kuper

            Ryan Harris

            Brandon Gorin

            Ryan Clady

            Russ Hochstein

( I originally had Lichtensteiger on this list, but ... that's the way it goes sometimes.)

That's 24 on offense.  Tyler Polumbus may be the last addition or I could be wrong about either Jordan or McKinley or they may go with an additional defensive player.



Brian Dawkins

            Renaldo Hill

            David Bruton

            Darcell McBath

            Josh Barrett


             Andre Goodman

            Jack Williams (this one is a borderline addition but he did some good things last night)

            Champ Baily  

            Alphonzo Smith

            Joshua Bell


            Spencer Larson

            Andra Davis

            D.J. Williams

            Robert Ayers

            Mario Haggen

            Wesley Woodyard

            Elvis Dumervil

            Darell Reid

Javrivs Moss (this is the one I am on the fence about and he could just as easily be cut)

Defensive line men

            LeKevin Smith

            Chris Baker

            Marcus Thomas

            Kenny Peterson

            Ronald Fields

            Ryan McBean

That's 25 on defense.  Possilbe additons to this Nic Clemons, Antwain Spann,  or Braxton Kelley.

Of course this could all change if someone attractive is released by another team.  I see Crowder or Moss making it but not both.  And the space here could be used on offense if an extra player is needed.





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