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Ok so as this twitter thing came about a little while back, i wasnt very fond of the idea. I didnt really care what people said what they were eating for breakfest or how there nap was. But i soon realized that twitter is much more then that. It is a place that it seems every major news outler or reporter has one. And best of all, every reporter and news outlet posts the inside or breaking news information right on there twitter page. And even more best of all, it is usually the first place to get it. You dont have to scound every news page and keep refreshing to get new information. All you have to do is refresh one single twitter page and you will have all you need.

            For example, yesterday during the cuts, i was able to see all the trades and realeases as soon as they happened as several news places "Tweeted" them. This is the case with almost every major and minor event you can think of. Also you are able to "Follow" people who have insde sources with the broncos. But who do you follow?....Thats where i come in.

First off....

Broncos players:

G5Jack (AKA Jack Williams)

LaGrangeRover16 (AKA Wesley Woodyard)

champbailey (AKA Champ Bailey)

eddieroyal19 (AKA Eddie Royal)

Zosmith (Alphonso Smith)

Footz95 (AKA Derrell Reid)

PRESSURE91 (Ronnie Fields)

knowshonmoreno (Knowshon Moeno)

So thats who i know of and i am pretty sure they are real. Jack, Wesly, And Darrell are Twitter buddies as they always tweet to each other. Its funny b/c they play around with Royal b/c Eddie has about 6,000 followers but he isnt following a single person. One of them said, "Dont follow Eddie unless he follows you" Lol. Eddie and champ dont post that often and Zo and Moreno almost never post. Basically no news comes out of following them, but it is always fun to get to see the other side of your favorite players.

Reporters and news people (Basically where the ggod stuff comes in):

denverbroncos  (Denver broncos section of the Denver Post by Lindsay Jones): Basically, all the stuff that rolls up on the sports section of the denver post rolls up on here with links.

MoveTheSticks (Daniel Jeremiah, Scout):  You will get lots and lots of sports informtion from all over.

psmyth12 (Patrick Smyth, Denver Broncos PR): He is part of the PR Department so you will get lots of fun facts and information about players being on readio stations)

gray_dbdotcom (Gray Caldwell): Has his own blog on and shares great ingame twitter commentary that cant be seen from your t.v

schube13 (Eric Sschuber, Broncos PR Member): See psmyth12

broncos_sacco (Jim Saccomano, Vice Presdent of broncos PR): He has a blog on and even wrote a book about the Broncos. Lots of inside stuff and reminders.

fs3142 (Frank Schwab, Broncos beat writer): Up to date information along with great observations.... A must follow

VicLombardi (Vic Lombardi, Writer): Lots of good stuff along with some funny comments. "Tyler Falco could not make my 40+over flag team" Lol

ColoSportsDesk: Broncos information with links.

broncotalk: Our friends over at posts some great stuff and links to there articles.

ProFootballTalk:A Fantastic website the posts all the news around from the NFL World.

mortreport (Chris Mortensen): Inside information and obervations.

JosinaAnderson (Josina Anderson): A MUST FOLLOW. A Broncos reporter with seemingly always has the inside scoop on the Broncos

Adam_Schefter (Adam Schefter): The man we all know, Adam always has good information and his word in pure gold.

Denver_Broncos: This is he official twitter of the Denver Broncos and it has links to articles on the site as wll as great observations.

MileHighReport: This is the place to get the best information along with links to the best Broncos site on earth!

       So there you have it. Id like to thank HoosierTeacher for the idea to name the best source other then MHR for Broncos information and id like to Thank Disco_Stu for the idea to make a post out of it.

     If you dont have a twitter, its easy. Just go to and take a minute to register. Then go to the find people button on twitter and just copy and paste these names and press the follow button and BOOM! You now have the latest of latest Broncos news at your fingertips.

Feel Free to add more names that you have found useful to follow.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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