GJ Mock 1.0 - Premock Mock

Alright, fellow MHRers, it is once again time for the GJ to throw down his mock stylings.  Because it is impossible to do a final mock right now - given that stocks rise and fall - I will give a range of players on my radar who are currently projected to go somewhere around where we are picking.  I have a buddy who works for an NFL team who I will not name and he likes my picks, for the most part, and thought I was headed in the right direction.  

My goals were to be realistic regarding who will be available, to pick players who I think fit the mold of "tough smart physical football players prepared to play under . . . " you guys know the spiel, and to pick guys I feel will make an impact at a position of need.  It's tough as we only have six picks and I'd love to get 2 DL, 2 OL, 1 WR and one ILB, but that's going to be tough if not impossible.  I'd like us to trade down.  I'd like us to trade marshall and sheff for more picks.  Time will tell and my mock will evolve accordingly.  This work-up is based on the research I've done so far - 2.0 soon to follow.  


Needs: many places, but especially OL, DL, ILB, WR, RB


My favorite players in this draft:

Rolondo McClain ILB (AL), Jerry Hughes OLB (TCU), Jordan Shipley WR (TEX), Zane Beadles OG (UT), Jon Asomoah OG (ILL), Dez Bryant WR (OKSU), Emmanuel Sanders WR,  Aaron Hernandez TE/H-back (FL), Javier Arenas CB (AL), Ryan Matthews RB (Fresno St.),  

Big Board by Pick

Round 1:  Rolondo McClain (probably gone), Dan Williams, Dez Bryant, Carlos Dunlap

Round 2: Jordan Shipley, Jerry Hughes, Ryan Matthews, Tyson Alualu, Javier Arenas, Zane Beadles Aaron Hernandez 

Round 3: Zane Beadles, Al Woods, LSU DT,  

Round 4: Chris Hall C, Tex, Josh McNiel C Tenn, Myron Rolle S FSU, Micah Johnson ILB Ken

Round 6: Emmanuel Sanders WR SMU, Matt Clapp FB OK, Chris Gronkowski, FB AZ, Walter Thurmond CB Oreg.

Round 7: Sean Allen C ECU, AJ Jefferson CB Fresno ST (more for kick returning to take pressure off Eddie)



1. McClain ILB

2. Shipley WR

3. Beadles OG

4. Chris Hall C

6. Emmanuel Sanders WR

7. Chris Gronkowski FB


-If McClain is gone, we should take Carlos Dunlap or Dan Williams

-If we don't take McClain early, I'd like to take Micah Johnson in the 4th or so to fill ILB

-If Shipley is gone in the 2nd, I'd be happy with Hughes, Matthews, Beadles or Arenas - I think all would be studs and I think that Ryan Matthews will shock people in the pros and would be a great 1 - 2 punch w/ Knowsh.

-I know, I know, where's the D-lineman?  All I can say is that I STRONGLY believe the players on this board will be high-quality pros.  I'd say take D-line in the first, but if McClain is there i just wouldn't pass on him.  I would love it if we traded down and took Dan Williams or Dunlap but if McClain, Shipley and Beadles are there in those rounds - we'd be robbing the draft blind IMO.


-GJ out (for now)

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