Finding A Home For Brandon Marshall

So let's be realistic, whether you like the reasons why or not, Brandon Marshall has probably played his last game in Denver.  He doesn't get along with the coach and the coach isn't going anywhere (at least not this year).  Assuming the men in charge of the Broncos are intelligent, he'll be tendered the restricted free agent money and then they will begin to shop him for the 1st and 3rd round pick that such a player would bring back (mandated by league rules).

So that leads to the question: Which teams would possibly be willing to pay that fairly hefty price tag for a troubled, but Pro Bowl caliber wide receiver?  Well let's play the elimination game and find Brandon a new home!

Note before we begin:  This is only looking at teams that could give the Broncos a first rounder THIS year.  For the sake of argument and analysis it is a lot easier to look at it from that perspective.  It avoids opening a proverbial Pandora's Box of new possibilities with future picks.

Teams that don't need a WR:

Colts - Plenty of depth.
Saints - See: Colts.
Packers - See: Saints.
Eagles - See: Packers.
Cardinals - See: Eagles.
Patriots - See: Cardinals.
Texans - See all above.
Vikings - Not sure if the WRs are good or it's just Farve, but they're likely to stick with youth.
Falcons - Enough depth.
Steelers - Have a couple young guys mixed with old vets; WR not a pressing need.
Dolphins - They have lots of young guys and it doesn't fit their philosophy to splurge on a wideout.
Seahawks - Decent depth, plus they have far more pressing needs.

Team that the Broncos just wouldn't trade with:

Chargers - Yeah.  The Broncos aren't dumb enough to set up a terrifying WR duo of Marshall and Jackson.  (I hope.)

Teams that recently made bad trades for worse WRs than Marshall:

Jets - Braylon Edwards...eww...
Cowboys - Roy Williams...double eww....

Teams that don't have a 1st round draft pick:

Panthers - And they'd take a QB anyway.
Bears - Sorry Jay.

Teams whose only 1st rounder is too high to consider trading:

Redskins - Shanny may like Marshall, but he doesn't #4 pick+ like him.
Bills - The only fringe team in this group.  TO might leave, but like the Seahawks before them they have far more pressing needs.

Teams that will avoid Marshall for his "craziness":

Giants - One word: Plax.

And that leaves us with 6 possible future homes for Brandon (ranked in reverse order of perceived likeliness):

6. Jaguars

Why it makes sense for them:

This team couldn't draft a good WR if the future of the world depended on it.  Mike Sims-Walker is there #1 WR.  Who?  Exactly.  They ancient Torry Holt is their #2.  Yikes.  Needless to say they'd love to get a big weapon to put on the field so teams wouldn't focus 100% of their attention on Maurice Jones-Drew.  Marshall might be the boost they need to make the playoffs.

Why it doesn't make sesne for them:

They already don't have a 2nd round pick and it seems unlikely that they'd be jacked about having no picks in the first three rounds.  Also, it is indirectly like drafting two more WRs, maybe they've had enough of that.  Additionally, they are drafting #10, which is an awfully high pick to give up in a trade.  Besides, they'll probably just be dumb and take Tim Tebow with that pick anyhow.

5. Raiders

Why it makes sense for them:

Al Davis is crazy.  'Nuff said.  (Ok...their WRs are also SUPER weak.)

Why it doesn't make sense for them:

The #8 pick is a lot to give up for a team that just used a 1st rounder on a WR.  Besides, USC saftey Taylor Mays is likely to put up such crazy combine numbers that it will be like Viagra for Al Davis and he'll be forced to take him.

4. Titans

Why it makes sense for them:

Essentally the same as the Jags.  They've suffered from the same "can't draft WRs" disease (though Kenny Britt seems to be kind of good) and they have a RB who everyone focuses their entire gameplan around.  Only the Titans make the Jags look like an air-it-out offense.  They didn't have a WR catch 50 balls this year.  Now grated, a lot of that is by play design, but part of it is that you don't have confidence drawing up passing plays for Vince Young to the type of WRs he has.  Marshall would change that.  Talk about a securtiy blanket for a QB who isn't exactly pass strong.

Why it doesn't make sense for them:

They might want to stick with the youth of Britt.  And maybe they just hate passing enough to not want to make a move this logical.

3. 49ers

Why it makes sense for them:

Two first round picks.  That's the #1 reason the Niners would make sense.  They have a 1st rounder "to spare."  Teaming Marshall up with Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis would make for an explosive passing trio that would make whatever QB they settle on look good.  With the possible departure of Kurt Warner, a Marshall aquistion could help them all but lock up the division for the next few years.

Why it doesn't make sense for them:

They did just use a 1st rounder on Crabtree.  Maybe they'd rather lock down other positions and add more overall team depth.  Then there's that whole "they don't have a QB thing" (though that could be settled witht their top 1st round pick).  Plus there's a chance Mike Singeltary would hate Marshall.

2. Bengals

Why it makes sense for them:

With T.J. Houshmandzadeh's departure and the loss of the big play threat the recently deceased Chris Henry brought, the Bengals essentally have Chad "Johnson" Ochocinco and nothing else.  The thing is, Chad isn't a true #1 reciever.  He's more of a really good 1A or 1B reciever (or an amazing #2, depending on your opinion).  Marshall would help him out immensly.  Their WR depth is non-existent and would likely use their 1st rounder on a WR anyway.  Why not throw in a 3rd rounder to get a Pro Bowler?

Why it doesn't make sense for them:

Maybe they don't want two mildly crazy WRs in the same locker room....again.

1. Ravens

Why it makes sense for them:

There best WR retired before this year only to come back.  They don't have great depth at the position.  Their running game is solidgreat, but they lack a real threat in the passing game.  It would give Joe Flacco a target to "grow up with," so to speak.  Late first round pick.  Oh and Ray Lewis would probably be able to keep Brandon in line.  It's the type of move that could move them from contender to Super Bowl favorite.

Why it doesn't make sense for them:

Ummm...uhhh...I got nothing.

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