While they are still fresh in my mind...

There is a lot to say about our Beloved Broncos this season. 8-8 was not in my head i was a 9-7 guy two historically bad games under coach McDaniels lead to this. I don't play the blame game and everyone who receives a pay check from Mr. Bowlen shares a bit of the responsibility. Football is a team effort and no one can slack on their team mates EVER! Some things I would like to point out are as follows!

When a head coach is fired there is always a bit of a learning curve to catch up with the new coach. (New York Jets)

When you change Offensive style, there is a drag period. (Arizona Cardinals)

When you change Defensive Schemes there is a transition period. (New York Giants)

When you have a new Quarterback there is a change in leadership. (Chicago Bears)

When you replace 9 Defensive Starters there is a lag in game. (Detroit Lions)

When you replace your Offensive backfield ENTIRELY tehre is a sort of learning curve. (Washington Redskins)

That's quite a bit of change if you ask me, to go through one of those things is tough to do. Now lets imagine how hard it would be to do all of the above in one season....wait for it....wait for it....oh wait the DENVER BRONCOS did exactly all of the above and with the exception of Arizona and New York Green they fared better! So lets think for a second. Where were your expectations pre-season? Mine were 9-7 we ended 8-8 so I wasn't too disappointed. A break down shows how I came to my conclusion:

@Cincinatti- W


@ Oakland-W


New England- L

@ San Diego- L

@ Baltimore- L

Pittsburgh- L

@ Washington- W

San Diego- W

NY Giants- L

@ Kansas City- W

@ Indianapolis- L

Oakland- W

@ Philadelphia- L

Kansas City- W

That was how my Prediction played out. We then started 6-0 and I elevated my self by two wins because we had won two i thought we should lose but I knew that we had a few in us still that we were bound to lose. We then lost two i expected to lose and the Washington game was due to QB play which was expected after Orton got injured. I traded that for the New England win and then when we lost to San Diego I felt we were right about what I expected. When we won the Giants game I started to look at the play a bit, I noticed sloppiness all around. From Brian Dawkins to Ryan Clady, I saw us get sloppy and wondered why. Why was Denver playing sloppy? We then hung 40 on Kansas City and I felt it was fixed. We held in there with Indianapolis longer than I expected and I had my self with a game in hand (NYG). I thought 10-6 was achievable. Then I saw the sloppiness return in the Oakland game. It was a shame and in my book unacceptable. It was at this time I decided that our team was not ready for post season football and we had some gaping, GAPING holes to fill. Our lines looked bad and our defensive backfield and running backs often looked out of place. It continued into the Philadelphia game and i figured we could still shake off the rust and knock off Kansas City one last time. I was flattened by the loss but after a while realized that Denver had done so much this last off season and had so much change to effect that in fact my expectations were slightly higher than they should have been.

On the overall we have a lot of holes to fill more than we as fans would like. We need a few more years to be 100% competitive and we have to admit that to ourselves!

I hope you guys will remember that coming in to this reloading season and I also hope you will keep it in mind coming into next season when you predict our record.

16-0 til we are not GO BRONCOS!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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