Points to ponder, questions to ask.

1. Here are our rankings and, in my opinion, where we should focus on the draft, in order:

    A. Rushing defense - 26th

    B. Scoring offense - 20th

    C. Rushing offense - 18th

The rest of our stats are pretty much middle of the road, other than are passing defense, which was stellar.  

2. Question - If we were to draft a Rolando McClain, would we need a D.J. Williams?  If we have a D.J. Williams, do we need a Rolando McClain?

3.  It seems like the Redskins, Seahawks, and possibly the Texans will be committing to zone blocking.  Does this give us more trading partners?  Would something like Chris Kuper & Tony Scheffler for promising rookie C/G Max Unger (Seahawks) be remotely possible?  

4. Question - Are we definitely going away from zone blocking just because our zone blocking gurus are gone?  Or is this just the media?  Did Coach McD definitely say power blocking is here to stay?  

5. Are prospects like Dan Williams, Joe Haden, Earl Thomas & Dez Bryant just top prospects in a weak class this year?  Dan Williams has been called a poor-mans B.J. Raji but I don't buy it.  I think B.J. Raji is a poor-mans Dan Williams.  I also think this might be a relatively weak draft class for CB and WR and I would be hesitant to draft either position too early. 

6. Question - Does anyone know if any teams picking ahead of us in the draft, other than the Chiefs, employ the 3-4 defense?  I think the Jaguars tried but switched back to the 4-3 recently.  If the Chiefs and us are the only 3-4 teams, this helps us land someone like McClain or Williams.  

7.  Question - The Bucs have two second round picks, #35 and #42.  Are we "allowed" to settle for second rounders for Marshall?  I would rather take an early to mid round first than two second rounders.  However, I would rather have two early seconds than one late first for Marshall.  

8. Question - Does Ryan Harris fit into a power blocking scheme?  If not, what to do?

9. This just in, the Raiders are going to draft Usain Bolt in the first round.  My evidence for this = refer to 2009 draft picks.  Just kidding.  Speaking of the Raiders, I know we would not be likely to trade with our division rival but does anyone find a dramatically devalued Darren McFadden to be appealing?  Possibly 2nd or 3rd round pick appealing?  Would the Raiders even consider this?  Would we even consider this?

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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