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I decided to look at the Broncos from a little different perspective. The McGeorge approach if you will. I think maybe I am as guilty as any when it comes to the "koolaid" , or "orange colored glasses. Now I am by no means a football expert, but I am capable of making observations (a lot more now than a few moths ago, thanks to MHR). Now, when I sit down and say to myself. Self, what exactly is it that went wrong for the Broncos this year? guess I gotta jump now.

Can't honestly say that I know what ails the Broncos and how to fix it. All I can say is, "Houston, we have a problem". I am going to be blunt (again the McGeorge approach) on exactly how I feel, not going to defend anybody and put blame where I think it needs to be. Now I will list the problems as I see them. Call me on them as you see fit, I can take it!

1) Doom, as great as he is he is not an every down linebacker, he should be in on certain defensive situations only. He is a pass rusher, and a pash rusher only. He does not excel in coverage or at stopping the run. Use him for what he is.

2)Orton, much as I love him, he is not the long term answer at quarterback. Much as I hate to admit it Cutler was able to extend plays because he could move around inside and outside of the pocket, Orton not so much. That being said, I still think we can win with Orton, Marino was not worth a durn outside the pocket either. We just need to adjust our protection for what we have.

3) Marshall, what can i say. He is one hell of a talent. Nobody can make the arguement (to me at least) that we will be better without him. That is just stupid , if you,like me, take a step back, pull off the glasses and let the sun hit you in the eyes. Now, can we make the best of the Marshall situation? We have to folks, not way around it.

4) Royal, where the heck was he all season. I am going to say it, what you have been thinking, but are afraid to say. Royal is probably not a #1 receiver. Unless he makes some major changes and is able to handle the press coverage he will never be more than a decoy. (for lack of a better term)

5) McDaniels, make no mistake he is not above reproach. He is a rookie, he made mistakes and we can dance around it all we want. He will learn from it, thats what rookies do. My view coming in was taken from a quote by McD himself "we will feature a different player every week , base on who we are playing" (not word for word, but something like that). That gave me hope, I thought he would open up a new play here and there to throw the defense off, did he? I didn't see it. As far as the draft is concerned, if you think he is going to do what we all think he needs to do, be prepared for a suprise. Besides, if he doesn't make at least one mistake what will McGeorge have to remind us about all season?

6) Nolan, dunno what to say here. Still in shock over this one. Loved what he was doing, hope we can find a decent replacement.

7) Retired for Elway. Always wanted to do that:)

8) Scheffler, he does not fit what we are doing, love him and all, but we need to move on. He doesn't block all that well, and we don't use the TE position the way we used to, period.

9)  Hillis, I don't know what happened between him and the Coach, but he obviously fell out of favor after the whole false start incident.  Hope he comes back and becomes the mennacing presence he looked to be.

Thats my step back, take a minute and reflect moment for where we are right now. we as Broncos fans obviously want to win, and we want to win right now! Lets be realistic folks, we waited a very long time for those championships, they spoiled us. we need to have a bit of patience, hope the coach learns from his mistakes (we don't want to be the Raiders or Skins and have a new coach every year do we? These things take time, lets ride this horsie to the big game, shall we?

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