RiG's MocK-off v.III Mock Draft


Orton Kuper Doom Prater



Broncos send Peyton Hillis to Washington for a 5th

Broncos send Scheffler and a 6th to Bengals for a 3rd

Broncos send Marshall to Miami for a 1st and 3rd


UFA's I would think about right now (not included in mock)

**NOT ACQUISITIONS**  Aubrayo Franklin ,Ryan Pickett, Chester Taylor, Vince Wilfork, Richard Seymour



1) 10. Rolando Mclain 6'4'' 260 :  This guy has got it all, he can play the zone and is great against the pass.  He's is terrific at reading the offense and is the ideal size to play the ilb position.

1) 12. trade to Baltimore for pick 25 and 2nd and 5th

1) 25. Maurkice Pouncey 6' 5'' 320 C  everyone knows him by now, will be a major help to the  Offensive line

2)  Terrance Cody 6'5" 360 NT  The question hear is, will he be here?  Nevertheless I'm taking him, he's absolutely massive and a proven run stopper, I think he has potential to be a premier NFL NT if it all goes his way.

2. Demaryius Thomas 6'3" 230 WR This guy is going to be a star receiver some day.  He's raw right now, not the best route runner but he has the work ethic and passion.  He's great at going up and getting it as well as blocking.  One of the bright spots at Georgia.

3) Mike Johnson 6'5" 305 LG  Good drive blocker, could win a starting position in Denver, he has played all across the line, he might provide some more depth if Harris is still out.

3) Mike Neal 6'4" 302 DE  productive, good moves, quick, collapses pocket, leader, has stressed accountability.  Quoting Coach Williams: "Dominant during spring ball and practiced every snap as if it was his last one ... the strongest player on our football team ... has taken on a leadership role with open arms."

3)  Alterraun Verner 5' 10.5 "  176 CB  To me this just seems like it will happen.  Verner just smells of McDaniel and everything he is looking for.

4 Tyson Alualu 6'3'' 295 DE Durable, splits double teams, good motor, strong, should easily make transition to 3-4 because he plays in one at Cal Great work ethic, good intial quickness

5) Eric Decker 6'3" 215 WR  Looks like a complete NFL ready player.  He has a foot injury right now so that is why he down in the fifth round.  A little bit of concern he's too physical and will get hurt over the log haul.  But he has great hands and will sacrifice for the catch or extra yard.

7) James Starks HB 6'1" 218 HB out in 2009 with a torn labram, but has been very productive, great vision, great reciever can hit the hole.

CFA Brandon Banks 5'7" 155 KR kick returner, fast


So in this mock I tried to address every need in the draft.  Cody, Neal and Alualu beef up the Defensive line line, another 957 pounds of beef mind you.  Mclain provides an instant starter to the heart of the Defense capable of playing smart and being a leader.  Verner adds a much needed body at CB.  On the offensive side Pouncey  should start at center, 35lbs 3inches bigger than weigmann.  Mike Johnson could also start if he plays well in camp at LG. Starks provides isurance at HB.  Thomas(raw) and Decker (not as much) should help relieve Marshall and scheffler leaving.  And Brandon Banks may be the return man we are looking for. So their 2-5 starters, Trenches fortified, loaded and ready to break out in 2010.




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