Myth Busters: Offseason Edition

Hi again, everyone.  There's so much offseason speculation and media drivel that I decided that it is time once again to set the record straight on a few things that have been reported or said that is gnawing at me.  Here are some of the Myths that are being perpetuated this offseason and what is really going on. 

MYTH #1: Mike Nolan was Fired, and this is a sign of McDaniels Immaturity

It seems to me that the way things went down, piecing it together from a variety of different sources including Steve Wyche of the NFL network, that Nolan's departure was about two men being very mature about the situation.  Josh and Mike were able to sit down and have a conversation that they have two different philosophies and it might be best for both if Mike coached where his philosophies were more inline with the head coach.  McDaniels could have easily blocked Nolan from Miami but did what was best for Mike.  What's immature about realizing that you see things differently and that a coach who worked hard for you has a chance to have some job security elsewhere. 

MYTH #2: Knowshon Moreno is a bust

With a rebuilt offensive line, Knowshon has the ability to put up 1500+ yards in a season.  He is a tough runner, he gives the second effort and when a hole is there he does get up field with authority.  He reminds me a lot of Corey Dillon.  Dillon's best year was with.... wait for it.... the NE Patriots in 2004.  He ran for over 1600 yards and double digit touchdowns.  In fact, many people think that the NE Patriots did not run the ball well using the power scheme McDaniels favors but if you look back at the Super Bowl years they won behind great defense and power running, non the more evident behind Dillon in 2004. 

Myth #3: Alphonso Smith is a bust

I feel the jury is still out.  I concede Smith had a bad 2009.  But what meant a lot to me was he admitted how bad he was.  Self-awareness is an important trait.  A few years ago Peyton Manning, had the self-awareness to realize that even though he would never be a great mobile quarterback, he could still improve his pocket movement and running ability.  So he worked at being a bit better at scrambling.  The result, 2006 Super Bowl Champions.  Back to Smith.  How good was Asante Samuel his first year?  How about Darrelle Revis?  Unless your Champ Bailey or Deion Sanders, it takes time to develop into a top flight CB.  Remember the Broncos giving up too early on Tory James?

Myth #4: Mile High Magic is gone for good

I know this isn't true, Woody Paige.  Although it does go missing way too often I know because I have been at the stadium and felt it.  Here are few examples of Mile High Magic at Invesco Field.

1. The Cowboys and Patriots game this year the stadium was electric-very loud and made it tough on their teams.

2. Back in 2006, Cincinatti botched an extra point allowing us to win-that's Mile High Voodoo at it's finest

3. Shanny's timeout on Seabas' field goal make and then Seabas' missing the ensuing try, allowing the Broncos to win. 

Weird stuff happens at Mile High.  I know the magic is there.  I just hope next season it's there for the entire season. 

Some quick thoughts

1. How can anyone believe what Shaun Phillips of the Chargers says anymore. Not only does he headbutt a Jet at a crucial moment last week.  He allegedly spit on a security guard and punched the guy.  Does anyone not believe McDaniels version of their exchange now.

2. Marty Schottenheimer=14-2, loss in divisional round to Patriots, fired!

Norv Turner=13-3 loss in divisional round to Jets, extended!  Marty must be shaking his head. 

3. If I were looking for a quarterback this season and it looks like Brett Favre is retiring.  I would call the Vikings about Tarvaris Jackson.  I know I'm going to get pasted for this one.  But here's my rationale.  He has all the physical tools, but really seemed to be putting it together in the brief moments we saw him this year.  I think he could be a very good quarterback if given a second chance and it's not like he electrocuted dogs or anything so he really deserves a second chance. 

4. Rex Ryan is doing an excellent job with the Jets.  However I think Eric Mangini deserves some credit for his ability to develop players on the defensive side of the ball.  Revis, Rhodes, David Harris, and others really developed under Mangini.  Rex seems to be better at letting their skills come to the forefront.  However, Mangini is developing some good players on defense in Cleveland to, namely CB Eric Wright and S Abram Elam.  If Mangini gets fired next year, bring him here to coach the secondary. 

5. I really am looking forward to the draft and seeing what a full year of scouting the McDaniels/Xanders way will bring us.  Bye the way, speaking of Mythbusters, Xanders is much more involved than people think.  He is just more behind the scenes and it seems from Dave Kriegers article the other day that this is very much by design. 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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