MOCK/FA stew ver. 1.5.1

Well, feedback was quick and somewhat harsh so I need to make some tweeks to my previous mock offseason to address a few of those issues.
This is a just a shift and not and entire overhaul of the mock offseason that I previously submitted.  Revisions will be shown in italics for anyone who cares.


*Orton;  I feel that getting him back on board is a must.  I would place the highest tender on him and sign him for 3 more years at reasonable money. 

*Dumervil;  I hope that he realizes that he is a specialty player rather than an every down one at this point and that his long term contract needs to be negotiated accordingly.  Hopefully in time he can defend the run better. 

*Kuper;  You keep him because he is very servicable, even if not the best, and our money can be better spent in other areas.  (revised, you let Kuper go with a 2nd round tender because I will spend the FA money elsewhere and address the guard position later)  (this is 1.5.1 part of it taken from a comment that reminded me that we should be getting something in return for Kuper. Thanks for the heads up)

*Prater;  Resign him.  He is good.  He is a kicker, he won't break the bank.

Free Agents:

*Ryan Pickett

You make this your goal of free agency.  Upside is that he is unrestriced so would not need to give in any draft picks in exchange for his services here in Denver.  Downside is he is therefor expensive.  We should be saving money though by not resigning certain other free agents of ours.  I believe that Picket sures up the center of our line, and also allows us to move Fields outside to DE which would in turn bolster up the size of that position too.

*Chad Pennington

Simms is awful and Chad comes in as a QB that if he ever had to come in due to injury, he is fairly safe with his throws and he could easily fill in for the time needed.

* Karlos Dansby (revised)


This is a nice easy way for us to not only get a big body in there at line backer, but you are getting someone with a lot of experience.  You get a smart football player with incredible awareness.  You get a vocal leader in there in the middle, a trait that DJ seems to refuse to embrace.  It is rumored that Arizona will not be resigning this UFA and I do not think that he will be unreasonably priced.  Kuper's money now goes to him.


Pre-Draft Trades:

(preempt to this next move: we are not going to get the 1st and 3rd tender that we put on Marshall.  The only team desperate enough to do that is Baltimore and they got far enough in the playoffs that they cannot sign him because he will want more money than the CBA will allow them to pay due to the uncapped year B.S. rules.)

 *(revised trade)  Denver Broncos trade WR Brandon Marshall the the Tampa Bay Bucaneers for two 2nd round picks (35 and 44 overall)

Before I had Marshall to Green Bay for a player and pick but people seemed to think it was too out there.  I do not see us getting a first and third and I think I like two high second rounders anyway.  Tampa needs a player opposite Bryant if they want Freeman to really grow with weopons around him.  They also have more cap room (not that it will probably matter) than they know what to do with.

* (revised trade)  Denver Broncos trade TE Tony Scheffler to the Cleveland Browns for their 5th round pick from Tampa Bay (131 overall)

Scheffler goes to Holgrems west coast offense he will be bringing to Cleveland.  Cleveland has an extra pick in this round and we take the higher of the two.

*Denver Broncos trade RB Peyton Hillis to the Houston Texans for a 6th round pick (178 overall).

*Denver Broncos receive the Houston Texans 2nd round pick (51 overall) as compensation for Chris Kuper.

Simple, for whatever reason Hillis does not seem to be in McDaniels' game plan.  Houston likes power backs and a late round pick is a very little sacrifice for them to get his services.

The 2010 NFL Draft:

I love the draft.  There are certainly a few changes made based on some comments from my previous draft.  It is hard because it is a crap shoot, but even in craps, some numbers (players) have better odds of payout, and others have worse odds but better rewards.  Here goes nothing.  At this point the Broncos have the following picks:

round 1; 10

round 2; 38 and 44 (from TB), 45, 51 (from HOU)

round 3; 81

round 4; 112

round 5: 131 (from CLE)

round 6; 174, 178 (from HOU)

round 7; 205


Denver Broncos trade their 1st round pick (10) to the Cincinnati Bengals for their 1st (21) and 2nd (53) round picks.

It is public knowledge that the Bengals need a WR threat other that Ochocinco.  I believe that they trade up to get Dez Bryant who I believe will slip to this point, but not further, and the Bengals know it.  There is no one that the Broncos need this high in the draft.  Dansby takes care of the McClain (who I believe will be gone by this point anyways) angle and its not that I don't like Bryant, I just don't like any wide receiver in the first round.

* (revised) With the 21st pick the Denver Broncos take OG Mike Iupati from Idaho.  6'6" 330lbs

 470192_medium I
Iupati is the best guard in the draft and while I see Pouncey being there for our next pick at 38, I do not see the talents of Mike falling to us there.  His combine will move him up into the late 1st round.  He starts on one side, and Seth Olsen starts on the other side for now.

*With the 38th pick the Denver Broncos take OC Maurkice Pauncey from Florida.  6'5" 312lbs


I have seen it on many a mock drafts and I love it.  It will instantly be an upgrade to an aging Wiegmann (who should be cut).  I love the size, the intensity, and the skill set.  He gives us youth and talent at a key position for years to come.  Him and Iupati will be the young anchor to answer our bookend tackles.  Our new O-line coach should have fun with this group for years to come. 

*With the 44th pick the Denver Broncos take CB Patrick Robinson from Florida St.  5'11"  194lbs


He is great and he has hops and speed.  Bailey is getting older and the jury is still out on Smith.  But even if Bailey re ups with us after this year and Alphonso improves we could still use another great corner.  Take him if he is here.

* With the 45th pick the Denver Broncos take WR Marshawn Gilyard from Cincinnati.  6'1  180lbs


You have the extra picks in the second round and this guy happens to still be sitting there on the board for taking, than you do just that and take him.  This boy can play.  Period.  Why do you think Pike looked good at QB there? 

* (revised) With the 51st pick the Denver Broncos take RB Toby Gerhart from Stanford.  6'1"  235lbs


He adds power to our running game.  With Hillis and of course Jordan gone, here is where we address our problem with third and short.  He runs north and he does not go down easy.  He will really help compliment our stable of running backs with something that we desperately need.



The Denver Broncos trade the 53rd pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for their 71st and 88th pick.

Don't ask me why Philly is trading up, but they are.  A player is there that they want and they are willing to give up their two thirds to get him.  This seems to be the asking price to move up to the middle of a round.  Last year we traded two 3rds to get into the end of the 2nd.

*(revised) With the 71st pick the Denver Broncos take OT Ciron Black from LSU.  6'5"  320lbs


The injury to Harris this year just showed that we need depth at tackle.  Polumbus, while good at moments, really let us down and proved he is not able to be a starter at this point of his career.  You bring in Black for the 'in case' scenario that we lose a tackle for either a game or a longer period of time.  A heavier option at backup that can work the power run scheme coming to town.

*With the 81st pick the Denver Broncos take ILB Pat Angerer from Iowa.  6'1"  235lbs


This team needs to get tough and they need to get angry.  Well, there is no one in the draft named 'Angry' so you have to go with Angerer.  True, I am a Hawkeye fan and maybe partially biased.  But that I also means I have had many a chance to watch this guy play, and play he does every single Saturday.  You put him in the rotation and he instantly bumps Woodyard down the depth chart.  Have your trainers put another ten pounds on him and let him get a feel for the game while playing on special teams.  He is an upgrade in every sense, and if he plays as good as I feel he will than you trade off mister DJ 'Bad Angle" Williams next year for whatever value he has.

*With the 88th pick the Denver Broncos take TE Anthony McCoy from USC.  6'4"  252lbs


Yes, he is a hell of pass catcher and can get you yards after the catch; but he can also block.  He is about Graham's size, a little bigger actually and about a decade younger.  He is instantly in the rotation at tight end and would probably actually beat Quinn out for the second seed at the position.  He is also in there as a receiving threat in the redzone and on the goal line when even New England themselves like to look towards the tight end.  You do not miss with this pick.


*With the 112th pick the Denver Broncos take RB Dexter McCluster from Mississippi.  5'7"  165lbs.


Change of pace.  You have a scat back.  You have a guy that can break it anytime.  He is now your best screen catching back.  I like the pick and I like the value of the pick at this stage in the draft.  He won't change every game, but only needs to change a couple to put us into the playoffs.  McCluster is also the answer in our return game and thus frees up Eddie Royal to hopefully get back on his game.


The Denver Broncos trade two 6th round picks (174 and 178) to the St Louis Rams for 5th round pick (129 overall)

I am not so in love with any player in the 6th round that I cannot live without them.  I do like the next pick though and believe he is worth the trade up.

*(revised) With the 129th pick the Denver Broncos take OG John Jerry from Mississippi.  6'5"  348lbs


This is the man you bring in to either push Olsen or surpass him.  I got yelled at on my last draft for bringing in a 305 pounder OG with good footwork.  You want bulk, you get bulk.  This man is big and he plays his size.  He is incredibely strong and holds his ground very well.  I do not think that we miss with this pick here. 

*(revised) With the 131st pick the Denver Broncos take WR Danario Alexander from Missouri.  6'5"  215lbs


Got ourselves here a large target.  Give Orton someone who can post up and can go up in the air to get the ball.  San Diego seems to like to play the game right now of just having giants out there to catch the ball, now we can see how they like defending a tall, strong presense out there on the field.  Alexander has good hands and can get you yards after the catch with his size.  He is a steal right here in the draft.


*With the 205th pick in this years draft the Denver Broncos take DT Jay Ross from East Carolina.  6'3  308lbs



You bring in Ross and you play him at defensive end.  The man can move.  He makes your line bigger without sacrificing speed off the ball.  With Pickett an anchor and Fields moved to one side, you put Ross instantly into rotation on the other side.  He is surprisingly good at getting to and pressuring the QB and he eats up blockers and gaps in the running game.

This concludes my new and improved offseason of hope for the Denver Broncos.

Please... be gentle...

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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