My take on the Offseason: RB

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Knowshon Moreno was drafted by Denver with the 12th pick overall in the 2009 NFL draft.  It was a very surprising pick to most,  and some didn't understand it, because they had bigger needs on defense, and Peyton Hillis had done a great job when he played.  Well, Peyton Hillis didn't do anything at all in 2010, and Moreno ended up getting the majority of the carries.  Some will say Moreno was insufficient as the Broncos RB, but I think a huge part of that is the offensive lineman.  If we are able to improve that O-Line, Moreno should be one of the better running backs in the league.  The man is as tough as I've ever seen and he runs hard and falls forward almost every carry.  He is a cool guy as well, and is fun to cheer for.

I think Peyton Hillis should be traded if we can get at worst a 5th round pick.  If not, keep him.  Lamont Jordan should just be released, he doesn't bring much to the team and isn't really worth anything.  Buck should be kept, he's done a good job with the carries he's had.

Free Agency

If the Chargers choose not to resign Darren Sproles, we could try to get him to be our change of pace back and returnman.  

I like Jerious Norwood as a change of pace as well.  He is a different style than Sproles, he's much taller.  I personally like Norwood more than Sproles, I would like that addition.

Lendale White from Tennessee is the opposite of Sproles and Norwood.  He would be a short yardage back, to get tough yards.  I don't like Lendale but it could be something to look at.

Chester Taylor is probably my favorite RB in this FA class.  He is a good back and very good catching out of the backfield.  I would be happy to get Taylor, he would be a great addition.

NFL Draft

I think we should get a RB in this draft, but a change of pace back.

Toby Gerhart was an absolute beast in college, trucking everyone.  He won't quite be the same in the NFL, but he's still be a tough runner who should be able to get yards in short-to-go situations.  I think he could compliment Moreno well, especially getting those tough inside yards.

I love Dexter McCluster, and he can be had in the 3rd round.  He compliments Moreno well with his speed, and we need a homerun hitter like him.  On top of that, he would be able to return punts/kicks very well.

I would like to get Legarrette Blount, but with no earlier than a 6th round pick.  He would play a similar role to Gerhart, a big, strong runningback to get short yardage.

Next up: Wide Receiver

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