Top 3 Broncos' 2010 team goals

Hope everyone had a chance to watch the Conference championships today. As we wallow in the vacuum of yet another postseason without the presence of our beloved Broncos, I kept thinking ahead to the 2010 season. As we all know it is important to have goals and even better to write them down. So, I would like to hear from the MHR community to weigh-in on your top-3 goals you desire for the 2010 Denver Broncos. I was initially thinking of top-5, but I wanted to force myself to commit to the top 3 that I felt were the most important. I think it is more effective to quantify them as much as possible as specifics are important. Being realistic is also important, which hopefully, mine are.

As for my top-3, I am going to stay away from end-of-season type results: "make it to the post-season", "win the AFC West", etc. mainly because from what I saw of the 2009 edition of the Broncos, I am going to focus more on the process. With going from a 6-0 start to an 8-8 end, I prefer to focus on the fundamentals of what the team will be made of. Well here goes...

1) Offensive line ranked in the top 5 in run and pass blocking. (okay so I snuck in an extra one there).

     I read somewhere that at the beginning of the season when Rex Ryan was doing the offseason preparations, he communicated to his coaches that they have to focus on the offensive line. Everything else will flow from there. Can't really argue with the results.


2) Top-3 rushing team in NFL.

   I believe, as others have expressed on MHR, that Kyle Orton will be retained for at least 1 more year. In order for him to run the offense effectively and the passing game to succeed, the running backs have to contribute a solid running game. I'm not worried about the passing game as it will naturally flow from the running game and for Kyle Orton to be consistent throughout the long season.


3) O-Line & D-Line second string have enough depth on them to be able to compete as starters on most NFL teams.

 If the trades do happen that everyone on MHR has been posting about, then the Broncos are looking at several extra picks throughout the rounds. This could be an opportunity to begin to build some depth on the O-Line and D-Line so as we experience departure of starters in following years, we have some stout linemen that can step in. This is what I think great teams accomplish and despite some of their best linemen leaving, continue to perform at a high-level (see Vikings, Ravens, Patriots, Colts).


Well, I had to get that off my chest. Your thoughts?..........

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