Walking the Plank

     I normally stay away from draft/free agency predictions because when I predict something, the team generally does the polar opposite.  But I've been fascinated by all of the draft and free agency predictions being posted and decided to come at the idea from a different perspective:  who will we keep and who will we jettison?  Or, being in love with sailing:

Who will be our 2010 crew, and who will be told to walk the plank?

NOTE: the names and position listings were taken from the current roster posted at

OFFENSE (23 kept)

Crew        Orton: a decent year, showed glimpses of strong potential
        Brandstater: developmental QB, should challenge for #2 spot
Plank        Simms: did not look at all good when answering the call

Crew        Moreno: featured back in a rotating backfield
        Buckhalter: kept due to lack of options; injuries an issue
        Larsen: FB in those few formations that need one
        Hillis: contrary to popular opinion, I think he gets another shot
        Ball: spent 2009 on practice squad, may get to move up
Plank        Jordan: didn't show much of anything as the year went on

Crew        Gaffney: came on strong late in the season
        Royal: should bounce back after bad year in 2009
        McKinley: showed flashes of good play before being injured
        Willis: should have chance to compete
        Lloyd: started to come on late in the season
Plank        Marshall: just don't see McDaniels wanting to deal with him in 2010

Crew        Graham: aging but still effective
        Quinn: a chance to improve
        Branson: due to lack of options
Plank        Scheffler: see comment about Marshall above

Crew        Need a quality one desperately
Plank        Weigmann: aging & did not give a good showing in 2009

Crew        Kuper: our best guard
        Olsen: needs to develop quickly
        Erickson: for depth
Plank        Hamilton: did not give a good accounting of self in 2009

Crew        Clady: the best of the best
        Harris: did well before being injured
        Batiste: need some depth
        Polumbus: ditto Batiste
Plank        Gorin: was a non-factor in 2009

Crew        Hochstein: kept just because of being able to play more than one spot
Plank        None

DEFENSE (26 kept)

Crew        McBean: was adequate, not great, but not terrible either
        Smith: a veteran who can help the younger guys learn
        Fields: ditto McBean
        Powell: practice squad player who showed flashes last season
        Parker: injured, never really had a chance to show what he could do
Plank        Holliday: a contributor, but didn't overwhelm
        Peterson: too inconsistent
        Pedescleaux: a CFA pick up; on practice squad injured list most of the year
        Thomas: has not lived up to expectations in 3 years

Crew        Ayers: a rookie, deserves another shot
        Haggan: a solid contributor, keep him in place
        Dumervil: one of the best on defense, mortgage the farm to keep him
        Reid: did alright, can provide veteran leadership for younger guys
Plank        Moss: ditto comment about Thomas

Crew        Davis: solid, blue-collar player
        Williams: hard hitter, just needs to master the art of position discipline
        Woodyard: good all around player; effective when used
        Kelley: a younger player who could be developed
        Greisen: injured most of the year, let's see what happens in 2010
Plank        None

Crew        Goodman: solid play, could serve to develop younger players
        Bailey: still respected by offenses, can help train up Carter & Smith
        Carter: could be developed
        Smith: recognized where he had difficulty, could be trained up by Bailey & Goodman
Plank        Law: signed to fill holes, was adequate, is now aging

Crew        Dawkins: has at least one more good year to train up Bruton & McBath
        Hill: provides some stability & veteran leadership
        Bruton: promising young talent
        McBath: ditto Bruton comment
        Barrett: added to special teams, could be developed
Plank        Fox: late season signing due to injuries, did not show anything special


Crew        Paxton: adequate play & lack of options say keep him
Plank        None

Crew        Prater: coming off his best year

Crew        Colquitt: thought he should have been kept before
Plank        Berger: a failed experiment

52 overall kept; 7 practice squad places gives us 8 spaces or so to fill through free agency and the draft

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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