2010 NFL Draft Players to Watch

I want to take a different approach.  I love the NFL draft (like most people on this site), and I am excited for the Broncos' possibilities this year (like most people on this site).  I also noticed two features of last year's draft that makes me want to do something different than a mock.

First of all, I noticed how many trades there were.  I also noticed how many of those trades were performed by McDaniels/Xander & Co.  This, to me, strongly indicates that attempting to predict which teams will pick at which spots is... well, enjoyable but pretty fruitless.  Second, I noticed that apart from Alphonso Smith and Knowshon Moreno, I had no name recognition of the Broncos' picks.  I relied on MHR analysis to fill me in on the details after the fact.  This was effective, but left me feeling a bit ad hoc.  Did I like this guy simply because he was a Bronco, or because of the excellent facts presented, or because I didn't want to think badly of the Bronco brass?  This, coupled with a very large amount of risers/fallers, indicated to me that trying to figure out which players will go where is a) far too much information for me to handle, and b) outside the scope of my knowledge of the player pool.

So, I want to rectify this for myself and hopefully for others this year.  I want to start a series of posts looking at a few players handpicked for their fit into the Broncos system.  What is that?  The Broncos' system will here be defined by the following criteria:

1) Tough, smart, intelligent, versatile players who are team players and team leaders

2) Amoeba offense that utilizes multiple skill sets

3) Power running game

4) High-percentage passing game

5) 3-4 concept defense that shows 4-3 and 5-2 looks

6) Emphasis on special teams play

From here, I will look at a few players graded in the early rounds (1-3) and scour current player evaluations to gain an understanding of which players at certain positions are good fits for us.  I will put pictures and -- where feasible -- videos up as well, to help people put images with words.  These will be nowhere near as in-depth as Tales from the Sunnyside or anything like that, but they can at least familiarize myself (and hopefully others as well) with the talent pool from a Bronco vantage point.  They will also not be comprehensive -- I'm only focusing on the first few rounds because... well, time for one, sanity for another, and my own lack of a scouting eye finally.  Speaking of that, there is a bit of a drawback because I am using second-hand reports by the (*shudder*) mainstream media.  Unfortunately, however, I have no game tape and no firsthand scouting reports.  So, I will attempt to minimize the MSM bias by including notes from several sources.


I'll begin by attaching a poll regarding where you want me to start.  I'll leave it up for a week (please recommend to keep it visible), and then go in the order of the final results.  Without further ado, then:

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