Dawkins talking about Nolan departure after Pro Bowl practice

This is from an interview with Brian Dawkins on the NFL Network after the AFC practice for the Pro-Bowl Wednesday. I'm not sure if it will become available online but regardless, I'm sure the NFL network will re-air the practice at some point this week. Just in case they don't or if you don't have the NFL Network I'm here for you.

Synopsis sprinkled with quotes verbatim: (redundancies feel good don't they?)

BDawk begins the interview by talking about his switch from the NFC to the AFC. He says he is blessed and is honored to gain the respect of his coaches, teammates, and "even the fans."

Primetime goes on about how he was on this "National Conference Call" for "The Network" and was asked to give his input for the All-Decade Team and Neon Deion lays a big fat one right between BDawks cheeks (his face man... his face : ) telling BDawk he was his "number one safety."

The look on BDawk's face says it all, "what 'chu talking about safety? SAFETY? I'm your number one guy. PERIOD. Anyways... the only reason I'm here is to win a MF game!

Deion then feels out of place expressing his man chub for BDawk but does so anyways.

"Seriously. What you represent on the field. What you represent off the field. I need these people to know you.  Can you tell these people... who are you?" asks Primetime.

First, BDawk is a blessed man of God that turns everything he touches into gold (figuratively speaking of course). He expresses his appreciation for being able to do what he does on the field and in the community and for being able to do it for as long as he has and as healthy as he has. He adds something about digging the talent out of himself through hard work.

"Secondly, I care about my teammates. I really do. I care about my teammates."

See? I told you redundancies feel good!

After a very rude and loud air horn fills the beautiful and blue Miami sky BDawk resumes, "when I go and touch the field I want them to know that I am going to pour myself out for them physically, emotionally, mentally..." and turning to look directly into the camera as if he was speaking to you and you alone, "those are the types of things I expect in return."

Feeling left out and ignored, Irvin chimes in about how when he interviewed Brandon Marshall (See Deion? I talk to important people too!) and told Marshall, "this is what I love about you [BDawk] the most. You give your heart. You give your everything," referring to BDawk.

Now feeling uncredible, Irvin makes sure BDawk remembers the conversation with The Beast and then goes on a diatribe inquiring about BDawk adjusting to a new team after pouring everything he had in him to 'Da Eagles. Irvin wants to know if BDawk was still confident he could perform and if getting selected to the Pro Bowl was some sort of consolation for not even getting into the playoffs (okay that's not exactly what he said, but if I were reading between the lines that is sure what it sounded like). BDawk admits it was painful and that it hurt to leave Philly. He continues on suggesting that the Lord had him come to Denver for a reason.

"I went kicking and screaming in the beginning. It was an emotional thing, but I knew he sent me there for a reason and I was going to do His work when I got there."

Next, BDawk sharpens his Wolverine blades and prepares an attack on the MSM. Apparently the MSM thinks BDawk has lost a step every year since he was 30. So what's a BDawk to do? BDawks use stuff like that for motivation in the offseason, but once they step on the field it's all about his teammates, his family, the Broncos, and representing Him. Irvin begins to lean in patiently waiting for BDawk to finish and when he does proclaims, "I almost hugged you right in the middle of the interview. That wouldn't have been professional so I stopped."

Is it just me or is that Irvin character a quick thinker? I mean he's really on the tips of his toes!


The big, beautiful, and blue Miami sky suddenly turns gray as lightening flashes and the thunder booms as Eisen drops a bomb. His question rolling off the tongue like that of the whiny kid nobody wants to talk to at your birthday party, but your Mom made you invite? Yeah, it was like that.


Now that Eisen has sucked the smile off BDawk's face like he was a Ghostbuster sucking a ghost into one of those awesome backpacks BDawk gets serious.

"Umm, don't know... 100 percent."

"He's a professional," says Primetime with a laugh, chuckle, and big grin doing his best to make Eisen feel as awkward as possible for the mud he's trying to fling.

Eloquently continuing, BDawk says, "but you know what? If that's where Josh feels like we need to go in order for us to take the next step, to be on the same page, then that's what I am willing to do. I told him and I'll tell you guys; I'm behind him so if he made that decision there's a reason why he made it. I trust him and I'm going to go out, and whoever he brings in as Defensive Coordinator, he's going to have Brian Dawkins on his side."

Irvin then motions over to an assistant off camera to bring him a shovel so he can try to dig up some dirt chanting, "if Eisen can do it so can I!" His attempt to uncover what has already been buried regarding "The Brandon Marshall" situation and other coaching decisions goes a little like this...

"Once again, whenever he made that decision, I'm behind him. If he feels like that's the best thing for us to move for that game then that's what I'm going to do."

"I love this man," comes out of nowhere aka Irvin's mouth.

Without missing a beat BDawk lays it out for everyone, "You see? The thing that I have to do is, I have to make sure that the boss, the owner, or whoever it is knows that they're going to have Brian Dawkins on their side and I may not agree with him, but if I disagree with him it's going to be behind closed doors if we're going to talk about that - not in public. I'll never do that to him."

To conclude, infer what you want... I don't make the news... I just report the news... thanks for reading!

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