Dove Valley 'Statement': "Brandon is Gone" If you watch carefully, the writing's on the wall

Quick, go watch the pro bowl videos on denver  Go ahead.  Yes both of them.  Done?  Good.  

Now then . . .

Did you notice anything?  More specifically, did you notice the absence of something?  In legal parlance, certain actions or omissions are referred to as "assertive conduct."  This concept dictates that, in many circumstances, the absence of a statement is, itself, a statement.  From Brandon's choice not to interview with the broncos or the broncos' choice not to air an interview with Brandon, I can only infer one statement:

"We are moving on.  Brandon is gone."

As calculated as the Broncos' PR department is and as calculated as I would expect a JMcD-run ship to be, the lack of a BMarsh interview is pretty much all I needed to see to KNOW that he is gone.  Likewise, when was the last time Brandon shyed away from media coverage?  

Many of  you will say . . . "yeah, yeah, we already knew this."  I beg to differ.  Like me, you thought you knew.  This is the first definitive "statement" from the organization regarding Brandon's future.  Sure, there has been speculation that Brandon is on his way out.  Sure, most feel that after Brandon's actions and the measures Josh took for the Chiefs game, there could be no repair for their relationship.  However, until I watched these videos, I wasn't 100% sure - maybe 95%, but not 100.  At this point, there is no doubt in my mind.  Either he's refusing to be interviewed or they're refusing to put him on after Chris Hall interviewed him.  Either way, this is no feud or, in relationship terms, separation.  THIS DIVORCE IS FINAL.  NO BIG-MONEY DEAL.  JUST A TRADE OR A TENDER.  

Bye bye big boy.  

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.  And don't hit the door, especially if the door's full name is Doorine because, as we all know, you generally have trouble keeping your temper around the ladies.  I'm tired of defending you to everyone I know.  I'm tired of watching you mope and pout and juke your way to being the most overrated possession receiver in the league.  You're not an elite deep threat.  You're not going to get paid like you want - not by the Broncos, and not by anyone else.  We're done with you.  Good luck.  I truly have no negative feelings toward you other than fatigue and pity.  I hope you grow and mature.  I hope you blossom elsewhere because I think that, deep down, you're a good person.  I'm just done with you breaumanatrix.  Done.  Peace.


-GJ out

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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