Slow white Broncos and a few other things

So as the realization hit me that this game and the season was lost I noticed a few things about this game in particular and our season as a whole.  Here are a few of my thoughts.


1)  Did anybody notice that our offense, which should consist of the fastest players on our team, wasn't able to chase down a MLB twice?  Come on.  Shouldn't there be one guy who can chase down a front seven defensive player?  I think we really need some more speed on the O side of the ball.  Daniel Graham runs about as fast as a graham cracker.


2)  Once again I thought the officiating was not very good. 


3)  Did Shannahan put Bob Slowik in a Mike Nolan costume and sneak him in the facility?  That run D looked awfully familiar.


4)  Why have the Broncos always had trouble tackling (at least in recent memory).   thought they taught good tackling in high school and college.  Did these guys all attend the same high school?


5)  Speaking of tackling.  I loved the tackle of Jamaal Charles by Robert Ayers even if it was unnecessary and resulted in a penalty.  That is the passion I want from all our defense when making a tackle.  I hope next year he really goes off and I hope he keeps watching the WWE for tackling tips :).


6)  Jabar Gaffney did a pretty darn good Marshall impression with that sweet one handed catch over the middle.  However even if we trade Marshall we still need an elite receiver to replace him because I doubt Gaff could do that consistently for a full season (there's a reason he was a back up in NE).  Don't get me wrong I love the guy and think he is very talented.  I also didn't realize how important Marshall and Scheffler were to the defense of this team since they obviously played horribly without them.


7)  McD is definitely a rookie head coach but his future looks bright and I'm glad we have him.  I was glad to hear him share in the accountability of the bad end to the season and I believe he will figure out what he needs to fix and fix it.


8)  I can't wait for the Marshall/Scheffler trades and the cleaning house to take place.  I can't wait because it will also get rid of all the so called Broncos fans (who are really only Marshall or Scheffler fans) who will never root for the team again once "McDoesn'tknowwhathe'sdoing" get's rid of another of their favorite players and continues to "run this franchise into the ground".  They can meet up with the Jay Cutler fan club on their way out of town.  One of the things I will miss about Marshall is his ability to beat press coverage and get off the jam.  I wish Eddie Royal could do that as well.


9)  We have a lot more needs than I thought at the beginning of the season and it starts up front on both sides of the trenches.  If we can draft Lupati and Mclain it will be in the right direction of  fixing them.


10)  Kyle Orton can throw a pretty nice deep ball.  Sure it may not be as pretty as some others I've seen but that is probably cause he doesn't do it very often.  I hope we get to see more of it next year and I hope we can draft a speedy big deep threat WR to be on the receiving end of them. 


As depressing as it was to watch the season unfold the way it did I am excited for the future.  I am glad to have a coach who can make the tough decisions, the unpopular decisions.  I am glad to have some real leaders on this team who have bought into a "winning as a team" system. 

Let's have a good draft, bring in some good talent and I don't see why we can't be 13-3 next year.  Thanks everyone for making this site the best place for Broncos fans to be.

GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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