Current NFL Draft Order With Obligatory Mock And Thoughts.

Looks like we are picking 11th.  The order of the teams in the playoffs will be determined in the following weeks.  


  1. St. Louis (1-15)
  2. Detroit (2-14)
  3. Tampa Bay (3-13)
  4. Washington (4-12)
  5. Kansas City (4-12)
  6. Seattle (5-11)
  7. Cleveland (5-11)
  8. Oakland (5-11)
  9. Buffalo (6-10)
  10. Jacksonville^ (7-9)
  11. Denver - from Chicago^ (7-9)
  12. Miami (7-9)
  13. San Francisco (8-8)
  14. Seattle - from Denver (8-8)
  15. New York Giants (8-8)
  16. Tennessee^ (8-8)
  17. San Francisco - from Carolina^ (8-8)
  18. Pittsburgh (9-7)
  19. Atlanta^ (9-7)
  20. Houston^ (9-7)
  21. New York Jets* (9-7)
  22. Baltimore* (9-7)
  23. Arizona* (10-6)
  24. Green Bay* (11-5)
  25. Cincinnati* (10-6)
  26. New England* (10-6)
  27. Philadelphia* (11-5)
  28. Dallas* (11-5)
  29. Minnesota* (12-4)
  30. San Diego* (13-3)
  31. New Orleans* (13-3)
  32. Indianapolis* (14-2)

The following is my mock draft, one is done assuming status quo, the other is done after a Brandon Marshall trade for a first rounder.  I will attempt to justify everything afterwards.  

 1st Round - Dan Williams DT - Tennessee.  

 2nd Round - Mike Pouncey OG - Florida.

3rd Round - Maurkice Pouncey C - Florida.

4th Round - Riley Cooper WR - Florida. 

5th Round - Javaris James RB - Miami.

6th Round - Brent Bowden P - Virginia Tech.

7th Round - Lagarrette Blount RB - Oregon.  

Assuming we obtain a first rounder for Brandon Marshall, here is what that mock would look like.  

1st Round - Dan Williams DT - Tennessee.  

1st Round - Mike Ilupati OG - Idaho.

2nd Round - Demaryius Thomas WR - Georgia Tech   

3rd Round - Walter Thurmond CB - Oregon

4th Round - Micah Johnson ILB - Kentucky

5th Round - Javaris James RB - Miami

6th Round - Brent Bowden P - Virginia Tech

7th Round - Lagarrette Blount RB - Oregon


1. These mocks should be called "I'm sick and tired of getting our asses pushed around" drafts.  It is time we learn from the elite teams who have elite lines.  The game is always won in the trenches.  By the way, I am assuming Dez Bryant and Rolando McClain are not available.  

A. Dan Williams is a fat slob stud who is as big as Cody but is way more active.  The guy will be double teamed at the next level, something our linemen can hardly say.  Williams eats tons of space and his penetration is icing on the cake.  I have watched several of his games and teams purposefully avoid him when running the ball.  He will force teams to run outside.  

B. Ilupati or any of the Pouncey twins is a no-brainer.  I totally think Florida players should be targeted because they have the greatest and most talented program in the country (and I'm not even a fan).  The Pouncey twins are mean, big, and are maulers.  

C. Demaryius Thomas is a very big receiver (6'3" 230lbs) who has good hands and more than adequate speed.  He could be that physical WR we need if we lose Marshall.  


2. I am definitely a Josh McDaniels fan but I lost a certain amount of respect for him when he decided to punt with about 8 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.  It was a two-possession game, and even though it was 4th and 12, we had to give our offense one last chance.  This was a call that I will remember all off-season.  After his first year, I have to say that I was not too happy with our play calling or our creativity.  We were traditional and predictable the whole year.  Hopefully we can chalk this up to a rookie learning curve.  

3. I remain intrigued by Tim Tebow.  I would not be surprised if we entertained him.  This will obviously make most of MHR want to kick me in my groin but I don't care.  Josh McDaniels is outside of the box.  Tebow is accurate, has a strong arm, is smart with the football, can run, and has off the charts intangibles.  Tebow's main drawback is that he has a long release.  After watching him in the combine and evaluating him (from an idiot's perspective) I might be prepared to pull the trigger.  

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