Off-Season Targets

After a disappointing finish to the 2009-2010 Denver Broncos' season, I've compiled a few players both free agents and possible draft picks that I believe the Broncos should pick up. I'll address every position group. Tell me what ya think. 

QB- I don't see anyone being picked up at this position, especially in Free Agency. I think we'll resign Orton for a couple years (2-3 max). I don't think Brandstater is close to winning the starting job, and i also think that Simms will be gone. Draft prospects in the later rounds are a possibility, especially Jon Crompton of Tennessee, Mike Kafka of Northwestern and a sleeper pick John Skelton from Fordham. 

RB- Once again, I don't see anyone being picked up at this position. We already have both Moreno and Buckhalter. Even though both are good backs, neither of them are great. One guy I think we should pick up late in the draft is LeGarrette Blount of Oregon. He would help in short yardage plays and I think he will fall greatly due to his character issues at Oregon. Maybe if LenDale White comes cheap enough we could pick him up for short yardage too. I don't see a whole lot of teams pursuing him although he's a good power back and he's only 25. Hillis will be gone, possibly to the Redskins for a 5th or 6th rounder. 

WR- I personally don't see Marshall going anywhere. I don't think any teams are willing to give up a 1st and 3rd rounder for him, so I think he'll be back with the Broncos. I wouldn't mind seeing if Gaffney could emerege as a #2 receiver so we could put Royal in the slot, where his talents would be best suited. I don't see us picking up anyone in FA or in the draft. I'd like to see more of McKinley in the pre-season.

TE- I see Scheffler being traded, but I don't see us getting much in return. He didn't have a great season, but also didn't have a lot of opportunity. I don't see him going with Hillis back to Shanny, just because they already have Cooley. One prospect I would like to see us draft is Tony Moeaki from Iowa, but I don't see him falling to the 5th round of the draft. 

OT- I think we have one of the better OT duo's in the league with Clady and Harris. The only problem is keeping Harris healthy. Also, towards the end of the season Clady wasn't doing that great of a job. We have pretty good depth with Polumbus and Gorin. I don't see us doing anything here in the off season. 

OG- This may be the teams biggest weakness. It looks to me as if Hamilton is too weak and too old to play in McDaniels system, and if we want a good offense next year he'll have to be replaced. I think Kuper does a good job, so he'll be a starter next year, and I'm wondering if Olsen is ready. Olsen is a bigger player than Hamilton (about 20 lbs and an inch taller) but i have no idea of how good he's progressing, so I assume that we are players in FA for Jahri Evans of the Saints and Logan Mankins of NE. I also would love to see us draft Mike Iupati of Idaho or Jon Asamoah of Illinois. 

C- I don't see Weigmann coming back, and I also don't see Hamilton coming back. We need a Center and we need it bad. I could see us picking up Jason Spitz from GB, Chris Spencer from Seattle, or Dylan Gandy from Detroit. All are free agents, I just don't know who's good or not. Weigmann might last another year, but he's getting old and we need to replace him soon. Possiblilities in the draft are JD Walton from Baylor, Ted Larsen from NC State, Kenny Alfred form Washington State, and Eric Olsen from Notre Dame. Also look out for Jeff Byers from USC. He's played both G and C 

DL- I don't think our D Line was a huge problem for us this year. Holliday and Smith were actually suprises for me. As was Peterson, Fields, and McBean. The biggest question at the beginning of our season was our DL since no one really knew about them. At the end I am proud to say that they are very good and very young. I don't think we will draft McCoy, Williams, or Cody. But who knows. Maybe we will draft down, gain a couple picks and end up drafting one of them. One intriguing prospect I have my eye on is Corey Wootton from Northwestern. 

LB- We definately need to sign Dumervil to a long term contract, after all, he was the league leader in sacks this season. Andre Davis will need to be replaced soon, and I could see us replacing him with Rolondo McClain. He's been rocketing up the board and he seems to be an excellent run stopper and good in coverage. If we draft him our young LB core of Dumervil, DJ, McClain, and Ayers could become one of the best. Also, if we don't pick McClain, look for Boris Lee from Troy in the later rounds. 

CB- Once again, a very strong but old group to our team is our CB. Bailey and Goodman aren't getting any younger. Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed with Smith all season. We need more depth at this position. I don't see us picking up any FA, but I could see us possibly drafting Joe Haden from Florida or Perrish Cox from Oklahoma State. Also, I'd love to see us pick up Alterraun Verner from UCLA. 

S- Finally, our last spot is also very strong but very old. Dawkins had a solid year, as he always does, but he's also not getting any younger. I didn't see Hill make a ton of plays this season, and I think that he can be replaced. I really like McBath, and I could see him starting next year. Bruton seemed like he also was a good pick up as a rookie. I don't see us looking for anyone during free agency, allowing our two stud rookies to develop and possibly take over in the future. 

Well I'm looking for an entertaining and positive off-season. Give me your thoughts. GO BRONCOS!

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