The Great "GuessKowski" and His Crystal Ball

Hear One!  Hear All!  I am "The Great GuessKowski" and I have looked into my Crystal Ball and can see what is in store for the Denver Broncos in 2010.... and now, I shall share it with you.  PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!!!!

Ready yourselves, Bronco Country, for another wild and dramatic off-season.  It has already begun with the benching of Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler... but that is only the beginning.  So, what will happen with those two players....?

The Great GuessKowski sees a trade... sometime in March... involving Brandon Marshall and a team in the northwest.... I see a bird and an ocean... Could it be the Seahawks?  I see a number 1, which must mean a 1st round draft pick... and a neon tree branch.... oh... maybe that's Deion Branch.  So, the Great GuessKowski predicts that Brandon Marshall is traded to the Seahawks for Deion Branch and the 1st round pick that Denver sent their way this spring.

The Great GuessKowski sees another trade... sometime before the draft.  Is that Tony the Tiger?  No, it's just Tony Sheffler in a weird tiger suit... orange with black strips... and thier not great.  I also see a 3.... with a finger in the nose.... that must mean 3rd round pick.  Yes.... it is getting clearer now... Tony to the Bengals for a 3rd round pick.

I see a spot of moss, that had been growing on the Bronco Statue at Invesco the past couple of years being scraped off... um... I know what that means... Sorry Jarvis.

Looking deeper, I see a man, wiggin out next to a few cases of aspercreme... he stops because he's tired... and then starts wiggin again.... and then get re- tired.... Interesting....

After the Wiggin Man, I saw an extremely dark... un-naturally tan looking man... with grey hair... on the set of "Dancing with the Stars".   Suddenly a smaller man in a hoddie appeared, called him George.... and pulled out a knife and tried to cut him.... while George kept yelling, "Your looking for my brother Ben!!!" 

This ball is seeing some crazy stuff.

But wait... I see more!!!  I see a Huge...Mountain of a Man... dressed in all Black and Gold and Vandalizing something... He's spray painting a huge #1 on an "Welcome to Idaho" sign.... weird.  Is he serving pancakes at an IHOP?  Oh Wait!  I know.... the Great GuessKowski sees the Broncos picking Mike Iupati, OG out of Idaho, in the first round of 2010.  Let the Pancakes be served!!!

When I look at contracts, the ball gets a little fuzzy...

I see a smaller man... he's small, but is powerful and has long arms.  Funny, but I have this weird feeling of impending doom when I see him... oh well.   Now, I see a pen mysteriously signing a peice of paper... a Dollar Sign...  and the Mascot Miles hugging the numbers 9 and 2...  Who knows what that means...Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

The Great GuessKowski also sees a Prius driving into a bank drive-thru to make a deposit... The driver pulls out what look like three separate, 6 million dollar bills, each with Pat Bowlen's image them... Suddenly, the Prius driver grabs the cannister... backs up 5 yards, and then fires a 15 yard strike to a bank teller, who.... now this is weird... is wearing a #15 Broncos Jersey, with the 5 crossed out and replaced by a 0.  Hmmm... I wonder what that means...

Looking deeper.....

I see for 2010,  a bowl full of pros... and it has a nice blue and orange hue to it.  Crazy.... but a blue and orange number 8 is in there... a 10, a 78, a 20 and a 21 too.  I looked, but no #6's were anywhere in the bowl... but a Blue and Orange #5 did make his way in... the first of many bowls that pro will be in.  Would you believe that I didn't see a 92 in there... but I did see a 56?

This is weird... I see a the ham-berger-ler, sitting on a bench outside a McD's.... someone said he should Coll - it - quits and now he's heading to Canada with Grimmac...

I see a wreath and Christmas lights hanging on the doors at Dove Valley all year long... It must be another Holliday season for the Broncos...

I see a Large Marqee promoting a new show in Branson, MO, called "The Tony Who Show" (you'll have to be a die-hard fan to catch that one)...

This crystal ball might be broken.... I'll have it looked into...

I see, after a Super victory, a great Champion, standing in the middle of an arena, waving goodbye to all of his adoring and cheering fans.  As he leaves, he suddenly turns to bronze... Wow.

I see a giant letter X being fired from a missile silo toward three separate cities.... Oakland, San Diego, and Kansas City.  The leaders of all three cities plead with the government to stop the weapon, unfortunately, no one was found that could dis-arm the weapon and weapons experts believe that it is impossible.  All three cities are completely destroyed.  And there was much rejoicing!

I see a Giant W and a Giant L both on a football field... at first, it looked as if the L's were going to win, but the W's came on strong at the end to win 10-6.  

I see... long into the future... the Bronco being taken down off of the top of the Stadium... and a sculptor working to add something too it.  Hmmm.... is that a rider on the back of that Bronco?  Why yes... I believe it is... and what is the rider wearing?  Could that be a hoodie?  Well, I guess if you have 4 rings on your fingers, you can wear whatever you want! 

The Great GuessKowski has spoken! 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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