That, is what it's like.

First off I'd like to take the time to say hello to all of my fellow Bronco fans here at MHR. I've been reading for a long time but never got around to making an account. You all have made this season much easier to watch through your positive attitudes, for the most part, and your in-depth analysis of each game. I've been a fan since I was about 1 and I remember watching Bo Jackson run all over us and my Dad losing his lid. I can honestly say the Broncos have been the only constant over the past 21 years and I'm glad to have found a place where I can relate. Living in the South all these years I've missed out on a lot of things Bronco from games, to interviews, to apperal and it was hard for a while. But eventually I discovered that the Internet had more uses then p0rn and video games, kidding of course, and I felt like I struck gold when I discovered MHR. So kudos to all of you, you've been a blessing of sorts :)


Anyways onward to my original point. My girlfriend, who hasn't been around me during the football season yet, was surprised about how much each and every Denver game effected my mood. It's something I cannot help, whether I watch the game or not, a win or a loss greatly effects my overall mood for the day. She was quiet about it all season and I even got her to hop on the Bronco bus with me. I taught her the ins and outs of the NFL for the most part. Showed her my John Elway collection (something I've kept guarded in fear girls think I have a secret obsession for him) and let her know what being a true fan is like.

Everything was fine until this past Sunday. I was alright when Orton threw the first pick 6. Ty Law quickly got Denver back in the game and we pulled with-in 3. I was confident that we'd prevail. Then came the second one. Then came the runs by Charles . I stood up well before he was close to scoring the final touchdown, turned off the TV, slammed my door and walked outside. She was literally scared that I was going to hurt someone, which I would never do, and sat in my room quietly until I came back. I knew my girlfriend was going to be curious as to why I had reacted differently this week as opposed to the past 7 losses, so I began pondering ways to explain it so that she would understand.

I returned and it played out like this:

me: You have your favorite brand of tampon, yes?

Her: Yeah.

me: You don't like other brands, right?

Her: No, they don't fit right and things like that.

me: Say you had to subject yourself to another brand of tampon and your brand was discontinued for the better part of the year. Take last year for example, tampax was the steelers and the broncos were playtex or whatever it is you use. You're comfortable with playtex, you know playtex, you wouldn't want anything but playtex. You see commercials about other brands, but you have yours, you want yours. Then all of a sudden playtex and 19 other brands are discontinued for the remainder of the fiscal year and you're forced to watch as 12 brands that you dispise are forced down your throat. One by one each brand is discontinued and more and more the remaining brands are forced at you relentlessly. You've stocked up on enough playtex to last you a while, but eventually you're going to have to bite the bullet and use another brand, but you don't want to. Then finally one brand is left and its commercial is replayed over, and over, and over, for months. THAT, dear, is what the Broncos not making the playoffs is like. It's being forced to endure months and months of another brand, which you loathe, that is shoved relentlessly down your throat by ESPN and there is nothing you can do about it because you love sports. So you watch Sports Center and the steelers, the cowboys, the patriots are shoved down your throat day after day after day.


Needless to say, I got my point across as strange an analogy as it was. Funny or not, I wanted to share this with you guys because each and every one of you can relate to some extent. Hope it collects a laugh or two.


Much love to the MHR family, with out you this year would be like having to use another brand of tampons.

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