An Offseason Plan

Here is a proposal to Brian Xanders and Josh McDaniels on how to approach this offseason to get better.  Also I am going to predict a few things happening with certain coaches and players leaving. 

1. Bobby Turner must stay at any cost, but Rick Dennison should be allowed to leave to either Houston or Washington.

With Dennison Leaving the Broncos need an o-line coach.  Here's an idea.  Demote Mike McCoy to QB Coach and Passing Game coordinator and hire Bill Callahan from the Jets to be O-Coordinator and running game coordinator.  Many of you might balk as Callahan is the guy that failed with the Raiders and Nebraska Cornhuskers but he really is a great o-line coach. McCoy might be upset with the the demotion but he really wouldn't be doing anything differently than he is doing right now.   

2. Target Smartly in Free Agency

First, I don't see us signing any of the big names like Wilfork, Seymour, Logan Mankins, etc.  However I do think we can get d-line help.  However here are two names I think we can look long and hard at for free agency and don't have to spend a fortune. 

Justin Bannan DT Baltimore Ravens

Ryan Pickett NT Green Bay Packers

I don't know if Green Bay is willing to part with Pickett but I think it's a possibility with drafting Raji last year. 

3. Pay Brandon Marshall

Even if you have to Franchise tag him, Brandon is a unique talent.  Also I really like the emergence of Jabar Gaffney in the last game and Marshall, Royal and Gaffney can be a great 3 wr set. 

4. Hit Homeruns in the draft. 

Here is a mock, excluding any possible trade scenarios. 

1st Round- Rolando McClain ILB Alabama

2nd Round- Dexter McCluster RB/WR/KR Mississippi

3rd Round- Lamarr Houston DT Texas-He was impressive last night

4th round-Mitch Petrus OG Arkansas

6th round-AJ Wallace CB Penn State

7th Round-Erik Cook C New Mexico

5. Sign and Trade Tony Scheffler

I'm sure Tony is a good guy but he doesn't block with the nastiness that we need from the TE position.  He would be happier elsewhere and we can get good value.  I know he is a RFA but I think we could work out a sign and trade with a team for perhaps a 2nd round pick or maybe a 4th and 5th rounder together. 

6. Re-sign key players

Give Dumervil a James Harrison type contract.  Lowball Kyle Orton and Chris Kuper.  I bet they will give us the home team discount. 

Also restructure Champ Bailey's contract for two things-He remains a Bronco for the rest of his career, eventually moving to Safety, and his deal is more cap friendly if the salary cap comes back into play

7. Food for Thought

Here are some other things I considered which are highly controversial but something to think about.

Could we trade DJ Williams for draft picks.  For every great play he makes he seems to throw in a clunker too.  He could have high value right now. 

How about trading for Cribbs.  He is a just a great football player, no matter how you utilize him. 

What if Brandstater continues to develop.  Do we sit Kyle Orton and get the young guy experience. 

With so many underclassmen entering the draft, I think it would be a good year to stock up on draft picks. 

I will defend Josh McDaniels until the day he is no longer coach. 

I love my Broncos

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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