Some thoughts on improving Denver in 2010

Hey everyone... I view a lot, but don't post often.  I'm sure some of this has been mentioned previously, but here we go.


I have a few ideas on what Denver should consider doing to improve this team.

1- Josh Cribbs:  This guy is a great kick returner and he has enough play-making ability to find a nice niche in McD's offense.  I would like to see Denver find a way to send Scheffler and maybe a R6 pick to CLE for Cribbs.  The guy is worth the money he is seeking, I wouldn't go overboard with the contract, but he's worth several million per year.  If they don't like Scheffler, then send a 2010 R3 or a 2010 R4 and something later in order to get him.  CLE has a ton of picks in this draft, and they need them.  So, with their issues, something tells me they could use a guy like Scheffler.  It's worth a shot... Denver could certainly use Cribbs, and it would allow Royal to focus just on being a great WR and getting beyond the sophomore slump.

Cribbs stats:


2 - Brandon Marshall:  Obviously, there is a divorce in line... question is, what can Denver get for him?  Ideally, it would be great if we could send him to SEA and re-acquire our original R1 pick.  I don't know if that would be a reality, but it would be nice and Marshall straight up for the R14 pick is something that would make me happy.  There will be many that say "You'll be lucky to get a R2 for him because of his issues" and others that say "We need a R1 and other picks", but the fact is he is a soon to be 26 year old phenom coming off three 100 catch seasons... yes, he has a ten cent brain, but there are a number of teams that would love to have that talent.

I would like to target a team in the #13-#22 range for a trade in the 2010 draft. 

The target teams that I would consider: 

#14 - Seahawks, this would be their 2nd R1 pick and while they gave TJ Housh a lot of money and have had failed moves with Burleson and Branch in the past, none of them has the impact that Brandon brings to the table and he would be a nice fit for what they do.

#16 - Titans could really use a young stud with explosive talent at WR

#21 - Jets, yes they made the move for Edward ... but, he would make a nice addition.  Maybe Ryan could contain the Beast and prevent issues from happening.  I dunno.

#22 - Ravens, they need a young stud at WR.... Mason is on his last legs and he would bring a new level to that team.

There could be other fits, but those 4 seem like the most realistic to me.

Denver can do a lot to improve this team, even with moving Marshall and Scheffler and if they can acquire Cribbs while picking up a 2nd pick in the top 25 of Round 1 - they could really do a lot of great things for the defense, focus on LB and DL.  Yes, moving Brandon and Tony leaves two holes on offense, but I would fix the defense and look at FA to fill the void that is left at WR and TE.

They'll have options... and it's going to be interesting to see what they do.

I hope they work new deals with guys like Dumerville and Orton... yes, Orton.  The guy can play and they just need to bring consistency to the offense, build around the guy while improving the defense.

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