The "Head Coach View of the Field"

Hello my fellow MHR friends…I would first like to say that I have been a dedicated Bronco Fan since 1972 and have been through all of the ups and downs that would mirror with many of the other “old timers” here at MHR…I joined MHR in March of ’09 but was a devoted “lurker” starting in December ’08…I have not Posted much and only throw my two cents in occasionally but, BShrout’s “NBFLB Post” (I declared myself an Optimist / Positive Thinker “in Training”) has inspired me to try and become more involved with the community…Honestly, I have held back mostly because of my (self perceived) lack of writing and typing skills as opposed to any lack of understanding of the game or relevant input for the discussions…There are just so many REALLY smart people (Staff and Contributors) within the MHR community that you all make it easy to just kinda sit (lazily) back and take it all in.


OK to the point of my post: The "Head Coach View of the Field"


There has been a lot of discussion, during the season and now that we are in off-season mode, about Coach McDaniels and his play calling decisions…Some have gone so far as to suggest that the play calling “failures” were directly related to several of the Broncos losses this season…As a Business Management Professional in my own personal life, my intention here is not to try and argue this issue specifically one way or the other. Rather, I would like to open a discussion on whether or not the Head Coach should even be the one to be calling the plays in the first place.


As a former player myself, I know that there is a tremendous amount of in-game responsibilities that the Head Coach must constantly be aware of, planning for, and adjusting to as the game is in progress…And that, taking on the specific duties of managing the (play-by-play) offense (in the role AS offensive coordinator) while also trying to keep track of and manage the game as a whole, is a monumental task in today’s complex NFL…However, I think that we can all agree as to why Josh has felt that he needed to be handling this task himself – It is his offense, it is new and significantly complicated, and he obviously has had previous history of success as a play caller.


That all said, I would like to know how you all feel about whether or not the Broncos would benefit more from the strengths and instincts that Josh has to offer in a role that would better allow him to get a better “View of the Field” (offense, defense, special teams, overall game management)…Would / could he be more effective, and therefore more comfortable, if he were to step back and see if from a more elevated vantage point – AS THE HEAD COACH!


And so, this brings us to Mike McCoy…I believe that what I have suggested for discussion above is exactly what Josh should, and likely, will look to change for 2K10…I also tend to believe that this has been a part of the plan all along and Josh has just been working closely, getting McCoy orientated to his system, his philosophy, and a true understanding of what his expectations are, and how he would like to use the play book.


McCoy was an integral part of the development of the high powered passing offense while with the Panthers (see Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith) and was the “voice in the QB’s ear” as he relayed the play calls on game day…So I ask the question and with consideration of his participation with Carolina’s “two headed monster” running game (that destroyed our Broncos in 2008), his involvement in the weekly game planning meetings, and a full season working with (and within) Coach McDaniels’ complex system-Do we have ourselves a young, smart experienced coach that is ready to assume the play calling duties from Josh???


My hope is that we do, because I REALLY think that Josh McDaniels has all the tools, talent, pedigree, experience and demeanor to be a great HEAD COACH!…I just hope that for his, the Broncos, and the Fans sake, that he will see that all of his abilities may be better utilized with a more, “Head Coach View of the Field”      


 Thanks for reading…Go Broncos…19-0 Until We Ain’t!



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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