The Good, Bad, & Ugly Vs Ravens Wk 5 + Poll

Quick Summary:

First things first, "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it!" Said another way, The coaches and players are not learning from their mistakes!

I’m writing this without reviewing the game as I normally would it pains me to think how this team is under achieving with all the talent [my opinion]. Many of the skilled players are rookies or have less than 3-years in the league with significant playing time. If we’re going to start young unproven players the coach has to avoid instilling the wrong kind of fear in his player[s]. E.g. Pulling D. Thomas after his fumble completely destroyed him for the rest of the game and maybe longer. As a coach I think you have to demonstrate more confidence in the player’s ability by keeping him in the game to help his development & confidence.

The worst thing coach McDaniel’s can do is embarrass the player[s] and create an atmosphere of fear on the entire team that a mistake will get you yanked out of the game as he did with Thomas. Now we have a situation with Eddie Royal doing both kick offs and punt returns again. Broncos will wear him out by the 10th game of the season, is history repeating itself? Has history repeated itself since Parrish Cox was pulled from the punting role. Two highly skilled players are now relieved of return duties and learning the wrong way from a young and inexperienced coach. These skilled & talented players are heading down the depth chart due to lack of Coaching experience and patience. I’ve always believed you learn from you mistakes.

Finally, my last gripe; With 1:51 left in the game and with no doubt of the outcome Kyle Orton was left in the game to add meaningless passing yards to his stats and risking possible injury in my opinion was a huge mistake on coach McDaniel’s part and demonstrated his in mature and lack of experience as a NFL coach. Said another way, he had a chance to bring in Tim Tebow or Brady Quinn to see what they had to offer or at the very least some game experience. I’ve come to realize that it’s possible it’s another year of growing pains with our new approach and new coach. I am still a McDaniel’s believer and hope he’s learning like his players are expected to do. Maybe we need to pull our Coach for one game [hehe] and maybe he will learn that you have to stick with players you put on the field I’ve seen far too many good players leave to another team who’s coach believe in him and made All Pro. [A recent examples would be Peyton Hillis].

The Good:

1. Painful lesson on what it’s going to take to be a competitive team…

2. Fantasy Footballers must love McD’s passing game win or lose…

The Bad:

1. Poor Execution

2. Poor play selection

3. Poor discipline

4. Stubborn coaching

5. Keeping Orton in the game at the 1:51 marker

The Ugly:

1. Major Penalties – momentum breakers

2. Poor Run Defense 210 yards 4 TD’s

3. T .O. P Broncos 23:43 Ravens 35:42

4. I Stop counting after 5 rushing plays stopped for minus yardage

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