The "EYE" test of an old Coach



First let me begin by saying that this is strictly my opinion, and based solely on observation not stats or other sources.  I am sure that it is also shaded significantly by my deep desire for the Broncos to be successful.  Now that I have been around MHR for a while, I honestly believe that is true of all the loyal fans despite the venomous criticism they spew. So to all those who love the Broncos here is my perspective on: the League, the AFC west, and the Broncos on offense, defense and special teams.




First, the NFL has never been so mediocre, and had so much parity Guess what, that‘s what makes… “Any given Sunday”… fun and unpredictable.  This is supported by the fact that it is only 5 weeks in  and there is not a single undefeated team; last year that took 13 weeks and there were still 2(If I am wrong so what I am not a stat guy this is all from an old and addled mind) Many teams in fact almost all have looked both  great and terrible this season, ie… the Texans, and the Giants and to some extent our Broncos.  The NFC does not have a single team that looks like a championship team to me.  I liked green Bay but look what happened to them against Shanny, and now their QB is hurt.  The AFC has three teams who are all flawed, but have a chance to be consistently dominant: they are the Ravens, Jets, and Steelers.  However all of them have a loss already.  I have also noted that many teams are having trouble covering kickoffs already 9 returned for TD’s this year I don’t think that happened until week 11 last year(mostly a guess but I vaguely remember hearing it on a pregame show) So the Broncos are not the only ones struggling with this.  All of this leads me to say that all across the league fans are screaming… for trades, coaches to be fired, players to be benched, fans to quit being negative, fans to quit drinking the cool-aid etc.   The real answer is that in the current NFL all teams have very obvious weaknesses and strengths.  Early this year I said I had never been as excited for a season to start, but also never remembered a Bronco’s team with so man question marks.  At the time I thought Broncomanics might be alone now I think the entire NFL is in the same boat. Ain’t mediocrity grand!!!!!!!!!!

Now to the AFC West-

Last years champions the Chargers are the most talented team but they have front office issues worse ST’s than the Broncos and Norv (with that name who could respect him)  They have great offensive skill players and  an average defense and do not play consistently up to their ability. They have numerous ST’s problems (2 kick-offs  returned for TD’s vs  Seahawks and 2 punts blocked yesterday) THEY ARE MEDIOCRE!!!!!

This year’s current division leaders the Chiefs are the best running team in the conference, and are currently on an emotional high just like last years Broncos.  The problem with a high is that it is followed by a low.  When it starts to go bad, I believe it will snowball.  Thier defense is strong but will get worn down and its youth will begin to show up.  The teams biggest weakness is at the QB position Cassel is not able to produce to date; they have hidden this well with strong running game. They have the best special teams in the AFC west and a great home field advantage they will be around to the end.  This is the team the broncos must focus on because our young players will be competing against theirs for years. THEY ARE MEDICORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday’s hero the Raiders- It is almost ironic I call them a team with no identity.  This for a team that lived by “   just win baby” now has no identity.  I say this because they are average at just about everything.  They can run it some, pass it some, good on some ST’s poor on others, but nothing to hang their hat on.  I do feel that they are sub par at the receiver and QB positions but their biggest problem is no great strengths.  They will win more games than past years but will finish last in a very tight division. THEY ARE AVERAGE!!!!!!!!!( which is one tiny notch below mediocre)


Now let’s examine OUR DENVER BRONCOS- I will begin with our head coach.  I will say it ILOVE Josh McD.  Why because I think he has a vision and is steadfastly working towards it.  His predecessor once had a vision and traded it in for a quick fix complex.  I believe his vision is a TEAM that has all equal parts and plays hard physical football for each other. I have never been a pro coach, but I know that this is the kind of team that wins at most levels.  These teams will develop superstars but ones that appear as a result of the master plan, and the play of their teammates, much like Tom Brady did with the Pats and much like Lloyd and Orton are doing now.  Fans want superstars and push for proven (egotistical divas and then expect that diva individual to transform a team.  This may seem trivial to many but to me it is what make sports the greatest shared experience in the world. Josh surrounded himself by loyal  individuals which is the most important trait of any assistant coach.  As far as game plans I think they have had two great ones ( Indy and Tenn.) and one average one Seattle. and one poor Baltimore .

Now let’s look at our offense-talk about the good and bad equaling the MEDIOCRE!!!  Our QB and receiver play has been excellent, our OL play average (actually pretty good pass protection) considering our QB is healthy, which is more than 7 other teams can say, and the numbers of passes the Broncos throw. The run blocking is flat out terrible. Our only excuse is youth, and injury we must pray for improvement.  It is very hard to call great plays when half of your offense is not functioning.  If the Broncos have playoff desires this must get better. I think running backs with the exception of tremendous ones are all about the same( notice they don’t go early in the draft very often)  Buck, Maroney, and Moreno will be just fine if the OL gets it together(Peyton Hillis does not play for the Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  This opportunity improvement will be the most important factor in the Broncos playoff run.  (I must eat crow here as I was not as worried about the OL as many MHR faithful. ) But I will say young talent can improve rapidly. Look for a big improvement after the by week!!

Our defense is basically the same as last years, but with more depth. The loss of Doom was huge!! We also lost several players this week so we will see if my depth prediction will hold up.  Last years D was great for 6 games and then just got worn down.  This years team has about the same amount of talent, but has much improved back-ups.( this was not evident at Baltimore) I will just call that the Broncos House of horrors.   I would not be surprised if we make a move this week due to all the injuries but I have no idea who is available.  One other transformation I like about our D is that we used to have old back-ups now most of our reserves are younger and potential future starters.  While I don’t think the D is much different than last years, I do not believe it will collapse like last years. Important note Cox will get better as he gets targeted. But our defense is MEDICORE!!!!!!!!!!

You may not believe this but I think our ST’s are slightly above average.  We have two excellent kickers which is what makes the units as a whole better than average.  Eddie Royal is a solid punt returner, Our kick-off coverage is the weakest link but that is the case on several teams. Again this is just my eye test but we are not getting beat because of special teams.  We make some plays and give up some plays. Guess what that spells MEDIOCRE!!!!!!!!


So to fans across the NFL rooting for their team we all know that our Broncos mediocrity is far better than their average. THE BRONCOS HAVE AS GOOD A CHANCE AS ANY TO WIN THE AFC WEST SO GET ON THE BANDWAGON GO BRONCOS.. 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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