No Bull Review: Broncos vs Ravens

I know this is a bit late, but I've seriously had to let some steam blow off before posting my thoughts on our latest atrocity game.  Like many of you, I can get quite passionate about my team and let's just say I needed a couple days to simmer down.

I'll be honest here though, I spent much of the game on fast forward (a great advantage of DVR...if you don't like the show, you can easily speed things up).  So my analysis won't be extremely deep this  week.  I do have some valuable discussion points though.  So here we go:


Again I'm going to include this section that I typically don't as I have some fairly strong criticisms in this area.

  • McDaniels needs to seriously adjust his play calling and he needs to adjust it now.  His calls were predictable, conservative, and they played a huge part in us both falling behind and losing the game.
      • 3rd down and long is not a down for our team to run a draw play and I saw him do it at least twice.  That was a give up play.  To me it said, "I don't trust my offense to throw for a 1st down".
      • Why are we still trying to set up the run in the early game?  I think it is becoming quite clear to us at this point that our team does not have a good run game.  Pass to set up the run.  In my opinion we should have done what Baltimore did...pass in the first half, then run later.
      • Use our intermediate passing game to set up your darn bubble screens, not the other way around.
  • Wink seemed to call a pretty decent game...the big problems we had on defense were execution...the calls were good, but individual players messed up (see Dawkins poor defense of the long ball, etc).  Once we got to the second half, the run defense suffered because they were worn out.
  • I don't care about the Tebow machine, Orton should not have been in the darn game at the last half of the 4th quarter...throw stats and controversy out the window...if he gets hurt, our season is over.


  • Cmon Moreno!  I can't wait for him to get healthy because in my mind he is the only back we have currently that runs like he cares. Buckhalter does look good in the passing game with blitz pickups and catching the ball, but not running it.
  • Kyle Orton is my freaking hero...his play is absolutely the key piece of us even having a chance to win games this season.  
  • Gronkowski is a tool...and yes I'm passing judgement before he's had a season in the system...his 3rd down drop was inexcusable and his overall play from what I saw was a D+ at best.
  • Really...Hochstein at LG?  I'm with those of you asking why Beadles isn't in there.  Hoch sucks.  If you don't trust Beadles, then go pick up Mankins for goodness sakes.  We need stability in the O-Line.


  • I know Ray Rice is hard to tackle, but cmon guys...wrap up!  The tackling showed flashes of Nate "I ain't got no helmut" Webster circa 2008.
  • Cox isn't ready to be be the #2 CB yet.  We need Goody back healthy in a bad way.

Special Teams

  • I don't have much to say here...and I think that is a darned good thing.

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