Pet Peeves and Observations....

1. My biggest pet peeve on MHR right now has to do with the Orton/Tebow debate.  Please do not comment on this post if you are going to say "Orton sucks" or "Tebow sucks."  I don't want to even talk about who should play or when they should play.  What I DO want to mention is that it is possible to like Tebow AND not hate Orton.  It is also possible to like Orton AND not hate Tebow.  The internet, specifically this medium, is a very limited and frustrating form of communication.  This is one of those issues that causes fights and I think it is more because of the medium than the issue itself.  

Also, there are few people that have the patience and foresight to withstand a QB competition.  The media helps perpetuate this "problem" and sadly, many of you at MHR take the bait.  For those of you wanting an answer right now, I urge you to step back, relax, enjoy the moment, and be patient.  The best man will get the job and I am comfortable being patient and enjoying football in the meantime.  Preferring one QB over another does not mean you are a "hater" and it also does not mean you are not a fan.  Please don't be the first to make a negative comment about either player on this post.  If you do, your stupidity will be on full display for everyone to see.  Here is a radical idea:  IT IS POSSIBLE TO LIKE TEBOW AND ORTON AND WANT BOTH TO SUCCEED.  

2. There is one word I have not heard when critiquing our woeful running game.   In my opinion, the biggest problem in our running game has not been player deficiency.  I feel the biggest problem has been a lack of CREATIVITY.   This is a play-calling issue, not an execution issue.  Don't get me wrong, our running backs and offensive line should not win any medals.  Our coaching staff needs to get more creative.  We are not only the worst running offense but we are the most PREDICTABLE running offense.  We need to run more on third down and other long-yardage situations.  We also need to change the direction we run to.  I think we need more misdirections, more draws, etc.  It seems like I am ALWAYS able to predict when we are going to pass or when we are going to run and that is not good.  Please don't be the first moron to call me a "McD hater" because I actually like him and think he is a good coach.  

3.  People are looking at Knowshon Moreno and judging him as a runner only when deciding whether or not he has been a bust.  That is only part of the equation.  In my opinion, early this season, he has shown a very good ability to be a receiver out of the backfield as well.  His receiving ability is what I think our team misses most about him.  We played the Ravens and had very little production from our screen passes and still managed to put 17 points on the board.  That is impressive.  Don't get me wrong, Buckhalter and Maroney had a few but you can tell they are nowhere as good as Moreno when it comes to catching the ball for a small out pattern or for a simple screen.  I'm hoping Maroney shows a distinct improvement in this area as he gets more reps in with Orton.  

4. The Denver Post mentioned this today and I thought it was a possibility for a long time.  Zane Beadles may ultimately become our starting right tackle.  I really don't know if I am qualified to rate the performance of Ryan Harris thus far.  Obviously he has been injured and that must be taken into account.  However, from what little I do know, it seems that Beadles did a very good job at right tackle, for a rookie, while filling in for Harris.  I said the following several months ago and I got my ass kicked on MHR for it: There is a chance that Harris might not be a good fit for our system.  Harris might be better for zone blocking.  Maybe he would be better as our left guard.  Feel free and chime in on this.  Educate me as to why I might be wrong.  

5. One theory for our collapse last year after our 6-0 start was Ryan Harris going out.  While that might be true, another theory I tend to support was that the collective age of our defense started to show.  If that is the case, we will be six games into our season this weekend and it will be something to look for.  Be on the lookout for this problem, even though I don't think it will be a factor for a few reasons.  Our older players are hurt and might miss enough time to get sporadic and restful breaks.  Also, I think we have sufficiently replaced or provided depth at certain positions where this might not be much of a factor anymore.  

6. I don't know if I am the first guy to say this but we might want to consider drafting Mike Pouncey as a left guard.  He absolutely sucks as a center but is great as a guard.  We can reunite him with Tebow and fortify a very weak position for us.  I can see him being available in the second round.  What say you?

7.  Pet peeve part 2.  I absolutely HATE it when people change their idea of the "greatest QB ever" or the "greatest running back ever" on a weekly basis.  If Chris Johnson were to run for 250 yards on Sunday, there would be some idiot saying "he must now be in the discussion for one of the greatest running backs ever."  Please, judge a player by their entire career and not on a day to day basis.  Two years ago, in 2008, when Tom Brady was having an amazing year with the undefeated Patriots, many people were saying he was the best active QB.  Then the bandwagon went to Peyton Manning.  Then it went to Drew Brees.  Now it is back to Peyton Manning.  How about we judge the best active QB every three years or so?  Not every other game.  Please???

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