No doom and gloom here PLEASE!!!

     Don't get down on the season just yet. Denver is almost done with the toughest part of thur schedule. A 4 game trip thur Indy, Tennessee, Baltimore and finally the Jets. The last time Denver was 2-3 in a season was 2007. We had a bye in week 6, but played Pittsburgh in week 7. Pittsburgh was 4-1(sound familiar...Jets 4-1) and winning games by an average score of 26-9 all season long( Denver averaged 20-27 in the first 5 games). So why bring up the past...while it helps see the future.

     After the Jump I'll let you know who won!!!

       In first quarter Pittsburgh jumped out to a 7-0 lead on a 1 yard pass from Rothlesburger to Heath Miller. Denver answered with a 15 yard touchdown from Jay Cutler to Brandon Stockley...all tied up at 7 a piece. In the second quarter Denver started to pull away. First Cutler hit Cecil Sapp for there own version of a 1 yard touchdown pass. Then Denver's defense answered with a 50 yard fumble return by Tim Crowder, same draft as Jarvis Moss...hint, hint, Moss. So we went into half time with a 21-7 lead, and felling good. In the third quarter Pittsburgh struck first with at 13 yard pass from Rothlesburgher to Santonio Homles, who know plays for the Jets. Denver answered that with another 1 yarder from Cutler to Tony Scheffler, Ooooh to have a receiving tight end. End of the third quarter Denver leads 28-14. In the forth quarter Denver lets Pittsburgh back in the game with two touchdown passes, first one a 13 yard pass from Rothlesburgher to Matt Speath and the second a 12 yarder to Heath Miller. All tied up at 28 a piece. Shannahanwas always good at not finishing off teams when he had a chance, more my opinion then fact probably. Denver does finishes in this one on a 49 yard field goal, 31-28 Denver over a much favored team in Pittsburgh.

     Denver was in worse shape going into the Pittsburgh game in 2007 then we are know.

2007 2010             
Record 2-3 2-3
Pts 19.6 20.8
Total yds 365.2 384.8
Rush Yds 138.8 51.8
Pass Yds 226.4 333.0
TO  2.2 1.2
FD 19.8 21.0
Pts 27.2 23.2
Total yds 333.2 341.2
Rush Yds 145.6 127.4
Pass Yds 187.6 213.8
TO 1.2 1.2
FD 19.0 18.8



Pittsburgh NY Jets
Record 4-1 4-1
Pts 26.4 27.0
Total yds 351.8 337.2
Rush Yds 167.0 165.2
Pass Yds 184.8 172.0
TO  1.0 0.2
FD 19.2 18.8
Pts 9.4 16.2
Total yds 235.6 313.6
Rush Yds 72.6 79.0
Pass Yds 163.0 234.6
TO 1.8 2.4
FD 13.4 18.4

     In 2007 Pittsburgh was on there way to a 10-6 record as Denver was on to there last lossing season of 7-9. But the point is we beat a team that was +17 points, +116.2 yards, +5.8 first downs, and +0.8 in turnovers. The Jets a no where as good as the 2007 Steelers. Only +10.8 points, +23.6 yards, +0.4 first downs, are +2.2 in turnovers. Yes the Jets have 12 turnovers, but only have 26 points to show for it. In fact half of there turnovers have turned into ZERO points.

     I went back to when Shanny took over for the Broncos in 1995 and Denver has gone 2-3 3 times. In games following there 2-3 start Denver has averaged 29.7 points in that game. Denver has allowed there opponents 12.7 points, and yes Denver has won all 3 games. In 2007 Denver started 2-3 and finished 7-9. In 2000 Denver started 2-3 and finished 11-5. In 1995, Shanny's first season in Denver, we finished 8-8. So history says Denver will finish between 7-9 and 11-5. Best guess would be 9-7.

     Denver can beat this team. Denver can win this game. History has proved that we can beat teams better then us. IMO we need to play this 1 like we played the Tennessee game. Stop the run and let Champ and company stop Sanchez and Company. If we can some how control the clock and keep our D off the field for more then half of the game we should walk out of Invesco Field with a win. They say the Jets are going to blitz use like they have all year to there other opponents, so I say we run some draws and screen passes. I see McDaniels drawing up a 2 or 3 screens to our TE's this week and look for Eddie to be all over the place. If Revis plays look for him on Lloyd or Thomas. Look for McDaniels to send them DEEP!!! If some how we can muster some rushing yards with Moreno, Buckhalter and Maroney then that could take enough pressure form Orton to let him air it out. The Jets have only allow 1 passer with more then 300 yards passing. That was to Chad Henne and BM's Dolphins. Also, in the last 4 games, all wins for the Jets, there have averaged 31.5 points. So we need to slow them down. A slower game of filed position would suit use well.  

     Is this a must win We are just going to be finishing the toughest part of the schedule. We play Oakland, SF, KC, SD, StL, KC, Ari, Oak, Houston, and finish at home against the Chargers. Of those 10 games we should win at least 7 of them.

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