Pregame/Premature Mock

With another week of college football behind us, I decided to throw together a very premature mock draft for some of those out there like myself that are draft crazy 24/7. Yes it is obviously much to early for any kind of mocks with it being only week 6 of the season, and much can change both with the Broncos and the college prospects, but like the junkies in the alleyway I really need my fix and my insomnia has me up anyway so why not.

Let me begin by just going over what I believe to be the positions that could use improvement or depth in order:


1) DE

2) NT

3) ILB

4) Safety

5) O Line

6) Tight end

7) Corner back

8) RB

9) OLB

My hope for this draft is that the Broncos really focus on the defensive side of the ball after last years offensive heavy drafting. The defense could use a serious youth movement and hopefully this will be the draft they prioritize on that side of the ball, especially the front 7 (seems like we have said that for the last couple of drafts as well). Currently I will be operating under the belief that we have the 16th overall pick and that the dolphins 2nd round pick is in that same middling range. All scouting reports are from ESPN scouts inc. Without further ado, a really premature mock:


1st round: Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio State (Scouts inc: 15th overall)

6'5" 288

This was a difficult one to pick. With an abundance of high quality 3-4 DE procpects early on in the draft it was hard to pick one. You could very easily take your pick from Marcel Dareus, Allen Bailey, Cameron Heyward or Adrian Clayborn and come out with a very nice upgrade. I went with Heyward because I think Dareus and Clayborn will be gone and  Bailey is rated as the 9th overall prospect by Scouts Incs so there is the chance he is gone as well. Heyward  is stronger against the run then versus the pass, has a great motor and can really get to the ball well. Does a decent job collapsing the pocket, can sometimes get caught upfield. Can get great leverage on tackles and does a good job shedding blockers. He is often compared to Richard Seymour. Not to shabby.


2nd round: Quan Struvidant, MLB, UNC (Scouts inc: 38th overall)

6'2" 230

It might be wishful thinking on my part to think that he lasts this long but this is a guy that I really want to come out of the draft with. Currently he is ranked 38th on ESPNs scouts inc rating system so that puts him as a fringe 1st rounder, 2nd round prospect. If the Broncos have to trade up to get him than fine by me. Just get this guy! A run stopping thumper who will help the run D immediately alongside DJ and make a big impact.

2nd round (From Miami): Mark Barron, SS, Alabama (Scouts inc: 52nd overall)

6'1" 220

A typical Alabama defensive player; physical and well prepared every week. Shows excellent feel for defensive scheme. A very big hitter that flys around the field and makes plays. Has good speed for someone his size and is big against the run. Can take bad angles due to poor technique and has been inconsistent.


3rd round: Phil Taylor, NT, Baylor (Scouts inc: 95th overall)

6'4" 340

Came into the year with some question marks and  had off field problems at Penn State but has reportedly dropped more than 25 pounds and been a disruptive force so far this year. This from SI:

"Taylor has displayed tremendous athleticism and movement skills for a 340-pound lineman, besides and overpowering nature. He was graded as a marginal free agent at season's start, but has moved into the middle rounds with his play."

Getting a young NT should be a necessity for the draft. Jamal Williams has done a good job so far but he is up there in age and is no longer a three down player. A young prospect to learn behind one of the best would be a nice addition.

***Now we have a long wait until the next pick in the 6th round. Although I think it is safe to assume that moves will be made and we will have more picks in these middle rounds but for the time being we will stick with these picks.***


6th round (From New England): Kyle Hix, OT, Texas

6'7" 318

At this point in the draft you are going for good depth guys and these picks are impossible to predict. What I would like to see the Broncos do with these last picks is add depth to certain spots. Here I am going to address the O Line. I know that some people see the O Line as a bigger problem and should be addressed earlier in the draft. My problem with drafting an O lineman early is I don't think that it makes sense to draft yet another rookie and plug him into an already inexperienced line. What the O Line needs is more experience and cohesiveness. This can only be gained through time. Plugging more rookies into the O Line rarely causes an immediate upgrade. Now I wouldn't be opposed to going out and getting a veteran guard or right tackle via free agency or I wouldn't be opposed to making a deal for Logan Mankins either if the price were right (like our third rounder or lower second rounder at most!!!). My ramblings aside, I can't tell you a lot about Mr. Hix other than he is big. He Is the longhorns starting RT and at 318 pounds can really overpower and would be a nice addition as we transition to bigger linemen.

7th round (From Detroit): Chris Harris, CB, Kansas

5'10" 190

Like the pick above, I am just adding depth to a position that could use a little more youth. Currently our starters have a combined age of 64. We do have some nice young talent in guys like Cox and Syd'quan Thompson , it never hurts to have a little more youth in the backfield. Another way I thought about going with this pick was a change of pace RB. Kind of like a Dexter McCluster on Kansas City. Someone who could return a punt, line up at RB with a lot of speed, play WR and create some mismatches. If you know any good ones to look out for share them in the comments.


7th round:Rodney Gnat, OLB, Louisville

6'3" 253

Currently a DE, he projects as a 3-4 OLB and is having a great year. While I have been fairly impressed with Jason Hunter so far, I think Jarvis Moss' days are numbered and with Dumervil coming back from an injury that from what I am told isn't easy to come back from we could use a little more depth at OLB. Also considered more depth along at DE.

1st round: Cameron Heyward. DE
2nd round: Quan Struvidant, ILB
2nd round: Mark Barron, SS
3rd round: Phil Taylor, NT
6th round:  Kyle Hix, OT
7th round: Chris Harris, CB
7th round: Rodney Gnat, OLB

One hour of mocking later, 2:40 EST time and still wide awake. damn. Oh well, a little pregame mockery to get the rest of you amped up on Orange Sunday! If there are any other guys who you think could be late steals, McCluster like RBs or any prospects in general that you really like mention them in the comments so I can look out for them on Saturdays. Here's hoping that this fanpost is followed by some happy game reviews after a win today!!!

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