The No Bull Review: Broncos vs Jets

Tough loss?  Maybe.  Did we get jobbed by the refs? No.  Do I think we should change how PI calls are penalized? No.  Let's get all this stuff out of the way first and get down to the nuts and bolts of the football game.  Hill shouldn't have had his hand back in the WR's face...if he had it out in front of him, he might have been able to pick off the pass.  The refs threw the flag perfectly on that play and they called the game tight the whole game which is what I look the game the same way the whole time.  There were 2 other PI calls earlier (one on each team) that were way more lame than that one.

To those of you who think this is a devastating loss, sit back and have a drink (alcohol preferably).  Everything is going to be okay.  I LOVED how we played in this game other than 2 plays.  They were the most critical 2 plays, but our team played the best game of their season so far and were in it until the end.  Let's get to it:

  • Loved the play calling this game. Both sides of the ball were being aggressive and playing to our strengths
  • Tebow is going to throw a pass in the next few weeks and it is going to be cool to see how it goes.  All this option run - run - run is setting some up to be schooled.  The first defense to think Tebow can't throw it is going to pay big time barring a big-time choke by the wunderkid.


  • Was that a running game we saw?  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over?  That's what I'm talking about...we did run a few times up the middle but our bigger success was taking advantage of lateral movement from what I saw...glad we have a run game again (and yes you can say that after a day running against one of the best run defenses in the NFL).
  • I'd like to see Orton take over at the end of the game a little more.  If there is any knock I do have on our QB is that his level doesn't seem to rise with pressure, it actually falls a bit. (although having a center snap the ball the wrong friggin way doesn't help)
  • Loved how we started playing the game aggressively.  I hope we continue that in the coming weeks.
  • It is good to see Moreno back on the field.
  • Hey, look at that...we have a rookie playing Center!!! need to snap the ball about 1000 times this week in practice and get this crap right's a snap for heaven's sake!


  • Again I'm impressed with our run defense...much better than last week for sure and back to shutting people down who try to run against us.
  • We created some was darned awesome to see us do stick Cox and Bailey in front of the juggs machine this week so they can catch the friggin ball...we should have two more INTs.
  • Hill needs to be talked to about that PI call...He was in perfect position to play the ball and instead he played the WR's facemask.  Poor individual play if I ever saw it.

Special Teams

  • Overall I'm very happy to see our kickoff, punts, and return game do a solid job.
  • Bad snap on a very doable FG cost us 3 points.
  • Bad kick by Prater cost us 3 points
  • Put those together and we win the game still. 

Closing Thoughts

Let's see some more progress.  I'm excited about this young team and I don't care that we are in a hole.  Our division is starting to show that they are who we thought we are.  The whole AFC West lost this week.  We are only a few games out of the lead.  We can make it to the playoffs this year.  Heck, we can even do some damage if we continue to play hard, learn, and grow.  12 - 4 until we ain't baby...and even if we go 2 - 14 I can handle it if we are playing the rest of our games the way we played this one.

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