The missing ingredient?

 I am writning this post to generate some conversation on a subject i have been thinking about for awhile. Let me start by saying I don't miss Bronco players in the news for all the wrong reasons. Though news in AZ is scarce, I would much rather have no news than bad news.

With that said, I like the players Josh McDaniels & Brian Xanders have assembled.  They may not be top talent, but their heads and hearts are where they should be. So why don't they consistantly play like this team should?

Follow me after the jump and let us as fans voice our opinions.

I first became a Bronco fan in 1968. Though they didn't win much, they had some good players.  Players like Rich "Stonewall"Jackson, Marlin Briscoe, Paul Smith, Billy Van Heusen & of course, Floyd Little. They had some really good players but could consistantly win.

Not until John Ralston started drafting playters like Ton Jackson & Barney Chavous in 1973, Randy Gradishar & Claude Minor in 1974, and Ton Glassic in 1976 did the players respond with wins and their first winning record. The previous teams had simialr talent, so why couldn't they win?

The Denver Broncos have played in six Superbowls. In 1978, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1998 & 1999. The closest they have come since then is 2005 when they lost the AFC championship to Pittsburg. As I look back on those years and the sun sequent years there seems to be one common denominator.

In 1978 it was the Orange Crush defense. In years 1987, 1990, 1998 & 1999 it was John Elway. Even in 2005 witgh JAke Plummer it was there. I believe it was a dominate personality that refused to lose. The Orange Crush broke from their past  because Jackson, Gradishar, Rizzo & Swenson willed them to victory. In the Elway years, John would take over games late and propl=el the Broncos to a win (47 come from behind victories, 40 in the 4th quarter). Even in 2005, Jake Plummer, a QB without great size and talent, took the Broncos to the AFC Championship game.

What did they have that previous players didn't that could impact an outcome so reletlessly and lead them to success?  What is it? What is "IT"? Everyone may have their own definition, but I believe it is that underlying self-confidence. The inner belief you can, at all odds, succeed in the end. Every play is an opportunity to prove yourself right.

I'm not a stat guy. To me it's wins and loses. That has to be the true measuring stick. It's those players that have the ability to rise up and make the play. Give a little more. Get their teammates to exceed their level of ability, if only for a brief time, because they believe. The underlying self-confidence that flows from every pore and becomes contagious to those who are shoulder to shoulder in the huddle. To me that is "IT".

So my question to you is, who on the current roster for the 2010 Denver Broncos has "IT"?

I have my thoughts and they were somewhat comfirmed on Sunday, but let's hear from you.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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