Where do we go from here? Random thoughts and stuff.

I watched, I screamed, I uttered a lot of foul language. It got me nowhere fast.

This team had a choice after last week. Keep up the fight or just give it up. Sadly, the Denver Broncos gave it up.

Where was the leadership on the field? Where was the pride? Where was the determination?

Instead I have to ask... Where are the apologies?

This team came out flatter than my Jr. High School girlfriend. I know and hear all the time about all the injuries. That was no excuse last week against the Jets. The team was wired and fired up then. What happened? Was it because the Jets are contenders while the Raiders are pretenders?

Enquiring minds want to know! 

Why could the OL block good vs the Jets, but then do an awesome impression of a sieve vs the Raiders? Hey guys, time to earn your paychecks. Time to say "enough is enough" and hit somebody. Hard!

Speaking of hit somebody, since I have no replay on my system, who the hell was the Denver DL who was leveled by the Raiders TE when he had Campbell all set to be sacked? The TE was right in front of him, all the DL had to do was shove him aside, knock him down, whatever. Instead the DL is on his butt and Campbell is out of a big jam. Initially I thought it was McBean, but the number was seventy-something.

Get well soon Parrish Cox, Brian Dawkins and Andre Goodman. Cassius Vaughn was lit up badly, which was to be expected, but why no Syd Quan in coverage? I did not see him on the field in coverage.

I did NOT want to see Tebow take over in the 4th Quarter. The Raiders would have made an example of him. Cheap shots would have ruled when they hit him. Come on guys, you know I'm right on that one. They would have late hit him, piled on him and 15 yard penalties would have ruled the quarter, but what would have been left of Tebow's psyche? They would have shell-shocked him badly behind the way the OL was blocking. He may have gotten Steve Tensi Syndrome.

Speaking of Steve Tensi Syndrome, why on Earth did the Broncos not say "Screw It" and start hitting people HARD when it became obvious the Raiders were going to run up the score? Why just lay down and take it? THAT angers me more than anything about the game. If nothing else, at least let them punks know they were in a game. Not cheap shots like the Raiders are known for, but guys, LAY THE WOOD on them. Maybe if you did that from the very beginning we would not be talking about the worst loss that I can remember.


The only thing I can say good is that this isn't the Broncos of the 1960's, early 1970's when, after a loss there was no hope for next week. Yes, it looks bad, but there is hope for next week. The team really is not as bad as they showed this week.

I hope.

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